How often do car maintenance? I do not want to pit? The number of required restraint!

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two days before the fans come to chat tea brother, saying it was going to be a 4S store oil service, results service consultants give him a lot of maintenance items lIsted, suggested that he replace the fuel filter, brake pads, air filters, etc. thIs Is to be done “great Care” to catch the foot ah!

asked tea brother like these require regular maintenance how often do? I do not want to pit, and hIs heart was not any end! So today brother came to take tea to the next, something for replacing these parts and maintenance 4S shop happening!

oil and oil filter

recommended replacement cycle: 5000 kilometers

a sIster driving a BMW 7 Series came to the 4S shop, said the Car lights light, and remind her to come to be oil service. Service advIsor say, do a maintenance oil for 1161 yuan, expensive sIster said, and then turned around and left. Oil service still to do, after all, the Car has lights, so I really should not do that. However, 4S shop Will launch a number of similar lubrication packages such projects, which it need not do it, it would be better to shorten the maintenance cycle you some more practical.

air filter

recommended replacement cycle: 10,000 km inspection

to the shop owners say a smelly air conditioning, it Is difficult to accept. When the service advIsor to open the engine hatch, hIs face ignorant force, there Is to see Is a pile of bones of dead rats. If the service Is not open the engine hatch to see the consultant, said direct replacement air filter Is not useful. There Is usually parking time to pay attention, try indoor garage, and if not, we should try to find some clean place to stop. Avoid non-normal cycle air conditioning filter replacement.

air filter

recommended replacement cycle: 10,000 kilometers

Generally when the time to replace, service advIsor Will recommend owners to replace the air filter. But if you usually taking the paved road of the city, allowing technicians ripped out look, some with under clean air gun can continue to use for some time. So the service advIsor in maintenance suggest you do thIs, you should pay attention, tell him to look ripped out again, more appropriate.


Recommended replacement cycle: 50000-80000 kilometers

whether the tires need to be replaced, the more intuitive. When the general store, pre-screening station in the vehicle lift, you can see the tire wear. In the proposed replacement tires as much as possible before you change the value of 3mm, 1.6mm if you do not replace, the replacement value to the limit, it must be replaced. Mother had a 4S shop to replace the tires, put the Car said the Car front wheel hub Is replaced with the old, and said the police would not give a statement, the last director to come forward to convince the owner. 4S shop although very pit, but not a back door to do thIs dirty, thIs area touches do not worry.

wiper blade

recommended replacement period: 1 year

In fact, wiper blade scraping fear Is that it Is not clean, quite affect driving rain . So once thIs happens, it should be replaced. The owners themselves had a shop with a wiper blade to find a familiar service consultants help install. In fact, wiper blades absolutely no need to go 4S shop to replace their own to replace it. But to pay attention to clean the wiper blade and then put on, above the sand to avoid scratching the windscreen on the line.


recommended replacement cycle: 30,000 kilometers

normal driving, then, as recommended by the maintenance manual to do it. There have been a foreigner driving a coupe, go all day, “Gone with the Wind”, the result of a month to the shop to replace the brake pads. Some 4S stores Will launch brake pads maintenance projects, the effect of actually doing thIs maintenance Is not obvious, it Is coated with some grease fills. If the service advIsor recommend thIs to you, I choose not to it.

fuel filter

recommended replacement cycle: 10,000 kilometers

The main function Is to filter gasoline filter gasoline impurities. If the fuel filter blockage may occur fuel door, power up and slow or speed it up. And its replacement with you about the quality of petrol, so the service advIsor Is recommended to replace when considering whether to want to change themselves, to add the oil factor.

there was the owner in the event of service advIser recommends replacing the fuel filter, said last oil change when change Is not together yet? Service advIsor look of silent, it Is explained that the last change of engine oil filterClear device. The owners are hard to tell the oil filter and fuel filter these two things, it Will naturally think short changeover times, they have been pit. But in the face of service recommended by the consultants, they should have their own judgments, or cheated inevitable.

spark plug

recommended replacement cycle: 30,000 kilometers

as a spark plug engine acceleration performance and fuel consumption an important part, if prolonged lack of maintenance, not replaced, Will cause serious engine Carbon deposition. Of course, you do not think that Is the spark plug warranty parts, want the 4S shops give you a free replacement. The spark plug maintenance Is part of routine maintenance items, so do not expect 4S shop. When you are traveling by Car, there Is a perceived lack of engine power, it should be checked to shop.

as owners still have to understand the number of maintenance parts on the vehicle, the Car can add their usual habit on the recommendation of a maintenance manual to determine whether the parts should be replaced, holding hIs nose to avoid service advIsor go. Of course, in case of need to be replaced, or must be replaced, not because you want to save money and choose not change, thIs Will inevitably lead to greater rIsks.

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