How long family car needs maintenance once?

Automotive repair and maintenance

In recent years U.S.’s rapid economic development, domestic Car ownership increased year by year, the family has a Car to travel, quality of life has been greatly the increase, but also easy to forget the need for good maintenance of your Car, on a regular basIs to the 4S shop or regular vehicle maintenance shop for vehicle maintenance related, you can make your Car with more liking.


So exactly how long it needs to do maintenance on your Car?

the first insurance

for each Car brand’s first insurance requirements vary, some insurance first three months of 3000 kilometers, some six months 5000 km first insurance, mileage and time, whichever occurs first, if you do not know how long the first Car insurance, you can view the maintenance manual of the lorry.

to replace oil

the first insurance for the first time after maintenance vehicle factory on the road, in addition to regular maintenance to replace the oil filter, the technician Will torque screws situation of the main components of the vehicle to view, such as hanging on, whether the engine gearbox oil leakage and other view, prevent the occurrence of unusual vehicles, so we should go 4S shop to do maintenance by time or mileage, maintenance position do not have to choose 4S shop to buy a Car, you can choose the nearest vehicle brands 4S shop. PS (first insurance Is free, if the 4S shop recommended to do other projects at their own expense, we recommend you politely turned down)

fastening screws

routine maintenance

after the first Paul Is in accordance with a fixed time and mileage for routine maintenance, and general common Is six months or 5000 km maintenance time.

routine maintenance Will vary, and if your Car Is usually not much open, commuting by public transport, at rest when the occasional open, it may be six months to a Will open two thousand kilometers, it can be appropriate to postpone a month to do maintenance Is also no problem; Another case Is the vehicle used more, three or four months to open to 5000 km, and thatIt may be extended one thousand kilometers to do maintenance nor Will it have any effect vehicles.

to select

Maintenance position

Auto 4S store

Auto 4S store

4S shop technicians Will conduct relevant training for their own brand vehicles, for various aspects of the vehicle to understand more comprehensive vehicle abnormal timely dIscovery and resolve, but the maintenance of price Oh the after all, 4S shop construction and management costs Will be high.

outside of the Auto repair shop

Car repair Chang

outside of the Auto repair shop maintenance the biggest advantage Is cheap, but relatively speaking professional 4S shop might be worse, after all, the Car Will be in contact with various Auto repair shop, and more without fine.

on the maintenance vehicle, 4S store or select repair factory, according to their circumstances.

At present the state has promulgated laws, not Car brand 4S shop maintenance Is not fully guaranteed, but suggest that you do not even 4S shop for vehicle maintenance, also looking for formal repair shop, so they are cheap suffer a great deal.

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