How long car maintenance time? Five thousand or ten thousand? LIsten to say how old driver

Generally after we bought the Car home in addition to the normal use, but also the need for regular maintenance done to the Car. Car maintenance, then we can do to make our Car in the best condition, so you can optimize the performance of the Car but also to extend the life of Automotive components. During maintenance of the Car, confirm the good Car maintenance cycle Is very important. So how to judge the Car’s maintenance cycle it?

First of all here to keep everyone talked about the two errors when vehicle maintenance Is easy exIstence. The first mIsunderstanding Is the vehicle they think the situation Is still very good, does not require maintenance, a way to reduce the cost of the vehicle. The second myth Is that people frequent vehicle maintenance, vehicle maintenance short period. Both ideas are wrong. For example, he said that the new Car Is still maintained after six months after 5000km. In general, the recommended vehicle maintenance cycle Is based on the most Automobile manufacturers to scientific development of vehicle performance and maintenance time setting. So when it comes to maintenance cycle maintenance cycle, we recommended by Car manufacturers to provide vehicle maintenance. But in addition to the maintenance intervals according to Car manufacturers, but also can be judged based on the status quo Car repairs are needed. Also you can go to whether professional service shop and 4S shop to check the entire vehicle needs to be checked.

in addition to vehicle maintenance Is a fixed period, the Auto parts also have periodic maintenance, so we have to focus on maintenance and spare parts cycle. For example in the case of tires, generally it needs to replace the tire. If it Is a new Car, it Is recommended mileage to 10,000 km after changing a tire. If it Is not a new Car, it Is proposed to replace 5000 kilometers -10,000 kilometers tires. Of course, brake pads maintenance Is also very important, after all, thIs Is directly related to the braking effect. Thus, the brake pads should also be examined at 10,000 kilometers, the front brake pad should be replaced in the 30,000 to 40,000 km.

Finally, vehicle maintenance Is really important. So you really need to pay attention to their owners state of the vehicle.