How long car maintenance time best? Professionals have something to say

Lead: Car as an integral part of every household, by definition Is not just a simple means of transportation, became more defined a family, because she did It was the contribution Is too much. Not only to meet people travel convenience, but also eliminates a lot of people doing things the links, so that people’s lives more time and effort.

at the same time contribute to the Car we have good Care of her, like people, get sick if not treated Will be scrapped , Is the same reason the Car, so the Car should be regular inspection and maintenance, to ensure that play the biggest role in the longest time. Then the Car should do to maintain it, which items should be checked when the maintenance of it, let them know that you no longer wasting money.

vehicle maintenance manual have in the Car in time and have a clear number of kilometers, even if the Car Is idle at home, I have not opened, running kilometers number rarely, but to a certain period of time Is also going to Car maintenance shop, relative to the number of kilometers, the general just bought a new Car Is the best Car to run 5000 km maintenance time, if you are going for a long time and a very good performance, then you can delay it, can be serviced once in about 7000-8000, specific reference Will depend on the performance of Automobile manufacturers and to decide, but some Auto shops in order to make more money out to get you more than a few times, to achieve good earnings the purpose, thIs time you have to properly refer to the instructions in the content and to specific Issues for detailed analysIs of the situation of the Car itself.

The last thing you have to know Is that the Car also has a small maintenance, the main purpose Is to ensure the maintenance of small Car run better, the main replacement project roughly there change the oil, replace the filter, there Is a filter to clean air conditioning and so on.