How important car maintenance in the end, look at these you Will know!

today in the office heard male colleagues said he had spent hIs Aifei today how many oceans, he just started thIs month on a bloodletting. But he was pleased to note that thIs “Aifei” Is hIs Car, as to Why the money was hIs own Car, sent to the maintenance. Maintenance Will certainly have to spend it! Car just like everyone else, people over a period of time, it Is necessary medical, Automotive, too, over a period of time necessary to maintain the maintenance Why, just like our physical examination, examination of organs, there Is no wrong. It Is to prevent dIseases. Xiao Bian gave you today about families make up about Car maintenance project what we are? Do not ignore these Issues. Carefully reading thIs article, you Will find that small part I have not in vain!

the importance of vehicle maintenance as follows: regular maintenance purposes: a Car Is made on thousands of parts thereof. With the use of performance functional components due to wear, aging, corrosion and other factors gradually reduce. Under normal driving the vehicle, such changes occur gradually over many parts. Because exactly the same use without a Car, you can not expect every part has the same wear and aging. Therefore, the plant provides for a certain period of inspection, adjustment and replacement components for those who can be expected to occur over time or changes, which Is “regular maintenance.” Its purpose Is to restore the performance of the vehicle to the optimal situation, to prevent small problems become big problems and ensure the safety of the vehicle, and a better economy and a long service life. Therefore, Car maintenance Is a must.

watched vehicle maintenance and external maintenance. In addition, refers to the surface of the Car, body paint primer aging Car maintenance, such as making Automobile coatings, Car wax, Car tires, tire pressure measurement, cleaning Car wash, Auto film, etc. can be on Cars or Car primer Car maintenance play a role. Inside, refers to the Car, such as upholstery cleaning, dIsinfection sauna Car, engine cleaning, air cleaning, oil change, water glass, armored vehicle chassIs are all manner of Car maintenance.

pay attention to vehicle maintenance, “raIsing seven, three repair”, that Is, in the whole life of the vehicleLife course should do regular checks, regular maintenance, problems early dIscovery, early settlement, reached to ensure behalf of the repair, overhaul and the purpose of life Is not. ThIs requires us to do a good job for the first time maintenance and regular maintenance. Oil change common sense, Automobile engine oil Is to maintain the blood of life, it Is capable of cooling and lubrication of the engine components. Engine oil having a cooling, lubricating, cleaning, sealing four functions, which play a crucial role in ensuring the normal operation of the engine.

, the working conditions are very severe inside and harsh

engine operation, at the change from the intense heat of the high-speed and random, each of the friction parts the metal debrIs, dust intruding from the air, generated by the combustion of an acidic substance, some of the incomplete combustion of the fuel mixed into the engine oil, so that the oil vIscosity Is reduced; partial exhaust gas into the crankcase of the combustion chamber and into the engine oil deterioration that the anhydride component it can not achieve proper function, it Will affect the efficiency and life of the engine, so in the exercIse of certain mileage, the oil must be replaced.