How fast do car maintenance

each time to do maintenance, and my heart thinking about an afternoon or a day and they have gone to waste. Nowadays more and more precious time value of society, how to save time, how fast the Car maintenance, Car owners increasingly become a matter of concern.

First, a reservation period. Do a routine vehicle maintenance takes about two hours, including inspection, maintenance, replacement of equipment usually only 2 hours, very few cases require more time. Maintenance process Is time consuming, can not be avoided, only through rational and effective use of thIs time to avoid the loss of time.

Next, choose familiar brands 4S store or repair shop. As we all know, 4S shop Is certainly time-consuming than the repair shop, the price Is high, so if you have a familiar repair shop can go directly to make an appointment in advance, can shorten the overall maintenance process.

Next, an appointment with the customer in advance. If you are not looking outside the repair shop, but want formal 4S shop, you must advance booking 1-2 business days, customer service explain clearly to begin with maintenance requirements, when in the past, when mention Cars. ThIs way, not only can save Pick-up time, you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

Then, according to previous maintenance, aware of their need to do maintenance projects. Before doing maintenance, have to own a Car thoroughly, usually drive the process, the Car has a problem, what parts need to be replaced, 4S shop ready in advance so that part.

Finally, near the 4S shop maintenance election last big shopping malls. There are big shopping malls where you can go shopping, eat, buy things to kill time. ThIs Will not waste time, but also to relax.

It Is recommended that a new model: the above maintenance services. As a brand-new Car home maintenance mode, widespread market concerns, home Care dealers are also a variety of concessions, to send air filter, have engaged in low-cost promotion, different standards, services, product differentiation Is not strong. Customized maintenance for the owners of the personal butler service, such as remote diagnostics, technical advIser speciallyLine and a series of Car service.