How do you perform vehicle maintenance? Proper maintenance of your car yet?

Car Is now very popular, no matter what kind of income, can be said to be almost a manpower. But no matter what Car you have to be for maintenance, so today to bring you a look at how the Car maintenance.

First, many Automobile maintenance details of which I have a certain need and we explain that we must at the Car wash pay attention to the vehicle interior leather cleaning from time to time to time, to avoid the leather seats have bacteria, thIs relationship we drove to health, we must pay attention.

Second, our Car the best one week wipe with water once, without having to Carry out frequent Car wash to the Car wash, Car wash because too many words, alkaline detergent Will your Car Is oxidized paint, color over time Will become obsolete, or Will come off patent leather.

Third, a Car to put some regular activated Carbon, because the Car Will emit a lot of exhaust gas when in use, there Will inevitably remaining inside the Car, the machine further inside the Car the device Will produce harmful substances, so always put some activated Carbon.

Fourth, the Car interior Is most likely dirty Carpet, Automotive Carpet itself comes substantially integral and Cars, Is not easily removed for cleaning, preferably placed in the Car activity the Ottomans. If the mats are not dirty, outside the vehicle to get cleaner with a brush attachment or beating the vacuum processing, very dirty Carpets detergent only, the above-described first two dust before washing, and then sprayed the right amount of detergent, scrub clean with a brush, and finally with a clean rag to wipe the excess detergent on it.

Fifth, because often use hand steering wheel, it Is easy to dirty, sticky if it Will affect the driver’s state of mind, as long as water when cleaning wipe on it, if coupled with a little cleaning decontamination agents would be easier, but pay attention to use a towel to wipe clean. ThIs material vapor steering roughly divided into three types: polyurethane, leather and wood, most of urethane, it Is easy to dirt, many high costs leather Car, Is difficult to remove dirt, If dirty clean, Will gradually become difficult to clean leather and easy to change. It must be noted: wood surfaceConducted resin treatment, it Is easy to fall off dirt, wood l change in the future, sometimes the resin Will produce cracks.

when we drive the Car, especially in the case of our Car engine start, we need to know that, that engine start-up time Is not too long, we recommend you five seconds on the line, thIs Is to avoid excessive current causes damage to the battery.