How do to extend battery life when charging an electric car? Maintenance divIsion: pay attention to these details!

Tram how do to extend battery life while charging? Maintenance divIsion: pay attention to these details!

As our country’s rIsing Car ownership, and now we can clearly see the vehicles traveling on the road Is more and more, and thIs also can reflect to some extent, enhancing the overall national economy, and now people are getting better and better day Is nice, many families already have their own private Car. After we bought the Car on time from work or travel you can do to drive a means of transport, and saved us a lot of time, but now the traffic pressure on the roads Is very large, especially in the rush hour time, traffic jams are very serious, and now in addition to the number of Cars on the road than there are many, the number of electric vehicles Is also very large. Many people do not buy a Car trip would choose to ride electric vehicles, so do not worry about the traffic jams, but riding the electric Car Is also very convenient, just a full charge can be normal driving, and do not need to obtain a driver’s license. But in fact, when a charging electric vehicles, but also there are many details that need our attention, and some people do not know how to properly use the charger when charging if not used correctly, can also affect the electric Car battery life, had a Car capable of riding a four or five years, and some people only took a year or two to be scrapped, in fact, it also has a great relationship with the charge. How do to extend battery life when charging an electric Car? Maintenance divIsion: pay attention to these details!

brands and types of electric vehicles now on the market Is also very much, but most of the electric Car batteries are used in lead acid battery, thIs battery production technology Is very simple, but its durability was better, in the process we use Is there are some details we need to pay attention to when the use of electric vehicles, if the battery Is already in electricity the shine, it Will be essential at thIs time of the battery inside some damage, it Will also affect the storage capacity to a certain extent. So thIs Is Why some people feel when riding the electric Car Is fully charged just did not take long to find the cause of lack of electricity does not pull its weight. So when we use electric vehicles do not wait until the battery Is not charging a little electric remembered to come and go, it Will alsoReduce the normal battery life.

If you want the electric Car more durable, then, when we give the battery charge, you need to select the charging time in accordance with the tram power, we can Car battery power indicator to charge, under normal circumstances, if the electric Car battery remaining 30% Is required to charge a timely manner, and time Is not too long charging time, and now a lot of people to the electric vehicle charging all the time taking advantage of a night filled night of the second day to get up, when then unplug the charger, but if the Car battery to charge too long, it Will cause some damage to the battery, so the most correct the method Is to give after batteries are fully charged, until the lights changed, you should unplug timely. So if you want a more durable battery, then you must master the correct way to use, if you have any better way to also welcome message to share with Xiaobian Oh.