How do the usual car maintenance?

Car Is now almost a manpower, because no matter what kind of income, buy a Car, it can accept, because can not afford luxury Cars, you can buy a Car two or three million, but after buying a Car how maintenance Is a major problem, and now I talk about my own summary, we can refer to.

First, many Automobile maintenance details of which I have a certain need and we explain that we must pay attention to the leather interior of the Car in the Car wash once in a while to be cleaned once to avoid the leather seats have bacteria, thIs relationship we drove to health, we must pay attention.

Second, our Car the best one week wipe with water once, without having to Carry out frequent Car wash to the Car wash, Car wash because too many words, alkaline detergent Will your Car Is oxidized paint, color over time Will become obsolete, or Will come off patent leather.

Third, a Car to put some regular activated Carbon, because the Car Will emit a lot of exhaust gas when in use, there Will inevitably remaining inside the Car, the machine further inside the Car the device Will produce harmful substances, so always put some activated Carbon.

Fourth, but not inside our Car tire pressure Is relatively heavy, so the weight of the Car because of all the above in your tires, so we’d better check every day there Is no tire above stones, and check there are no attachments on Car tires, any cleared up.

Fifth, the pressure of our Car to regular testing tires, thIs Is one very important security, every time we have observed no leak in the tire before driving the situation, at the same time to look at the Car’s tire pressure Is not uniform, or Is likely to cause safety problems.

Sixth, Automotive components inside, the Car’s battery Is also very important, we should always be to wipe and clean, we can come up with a damp cloth, then scrub and clean the outside of the battery, while the pile head and the panel should dust wiped off and the oil residue.

Seventh, when we drive the Car, especially in the case of our Car engine start, we need to know that, thatEngine start-up time Is not too long, we recommend you five seconds on the line, thIs Is to avoid excessive current causes damage to the battery.