How do the most proper tire maintenance, before driving to remember that 4:00, older drivers to be qualified

how to do the most correct tire maintenance, before driving to remember four points, did not old driver

Many young people are now just graduated, there Is a the dream of buying a Car, whether large or small, and now the economy Is good, the Car regardless of age, as long as you have a driver’s license can drive on the streets, where Cars go now naturally convenient, but the attendant it Is our daily expenses also become large, such as insurance, maintenance, fuel costs, tolls, parking fees, etc., that we rarely notice our tires during maintenance, when long dIstances which Will bring great rIsks Therefore maintenance tire of these methods point to remember.

First: To check the

travel time

First of all: We drove out before , be sure to check the tire pressure of the tire Is normal, after all, the Car tire Is running one of the most important parts, and if it does not work, it can only be called halfway in the trailer. Insufficient tire pressure Will increase tire friction surface, the tires before long, like ah Will consume more fuel, more likely to cause a puncture, so we not only have to check the tires once a month, to be confirmed when each trip about tire pressure.

Of course, the tire pressure Is too high does not work, summer high temperature Is also very easy to puncture, so how appropriate it? General Tire Is appropriate standards about tire pressure between 2.2 to 2.6bar, if the Car Automatic tire pressure checking system would look at the table on the line, if you can not prepare a tire pressure gauge, check out regularly, every Car They are standard instructions on tire pressure, or driving on the position of the door labels are marked.

Second: Remember Tire wear

Is that we tire wear the naked eye can see, such as large breakage or polIshed, the other in the tire wear Is also clearly labeled, a trapezoidal cross-section rubber projections when worn out with respect to thIs marker level, which must be replaced tires . Because in the rain or muddy roads very slippery, recently a friend have just enchant tires, tire wear almost everywhere, he said, does not change, there Is always a feeling of floating, Changed the tire to raIse my grip.

Third: You may not be suitable tire repair

In order to have many friends Save money, patching a tire that can continue to open, in fact, Is not suitable for all repair of wear, such as these points Is not suitable for repair.

1, cracking and leakage phenomenon

2, after being pierced hole Is too large (greater than 6 mm when)

3 has been repaired once the

fourth: the tire Is the shelf life of the

after all, our tires are made of rubber, whether you often open, often stood still, it Will appear as time goes by different degrees of aging (typically 4–5 years ), from time to time to look at the tire production date, such as “9MCR0909” date code words, after four Is a specific date: “0909” indicates that thIs tire Is “09” in the first “9” week of production, some friends think nothing but put a long time continue to open such Is not desirable.

In addition tire wear, the front wheels Will wear faster than the rear, because often fight direction, Will increase some friction, so the Auto repair experts suggest , the precursor of the Car in front when driving mileage to 8,000 kilometers, it Is best to do a four transposition, or replace the front tire.

Of course to do thIs work Is to ensure that our travel security, if that much trouble, you can not do it, after all, no regret ah world, every day Careful that Will certainly be less trouble, saying “tire-thirds support, with a fifth, two points to installation”, tire maintenance Is no small matter, home security Is a major event.