How car tire maintenance, these points can Hangwanlilu

How Automobile tire maintenance, these points can Hangwanlilu. Whatever the Car, the tires should have to travel, and Automobile tires are like the Car’s feet. Tires are the only body parts of the vehicle body in contact with the ground, its wear Is very large. So the owners want to do regular tire maintenance. The good tire maintenance, and drove up fuel-efficient and safe. So we have to how to do Car maintenance it? With a look

First, to check the tire pressure regularly, because tire pressure Is the pressure of the air inside the tire, an Automobile tire pressure Is the blood pressure, it level has an important role in the performance and power of the Car. Charge air tires, and high and low temperature related. Tire pressure and vehicle performance are closely linked, affected by thermal expansion and contraction, cold winter weather, the tire pressure Will be reduced, if not properly increase the tire pressure Will not only increase fuel consumption, but also accelerate the wear of Car tires. So winter tire pressure can increase the points, but also be controlled within a predetermined range. When higher temperatures when tire pressure Is too high Will easily lead to a puncture. So, the summer tire pressure to be low.

and they often cleared the debrIs tread, Car driving for a long time, on the tire tread Will inclusions heteroaryl Some debrIs, if not promptly cleaned up, Will be a little bumpy while driving, and damage to the tire Is great. Was traveling at high speed when the foreign matter in the tread also may cause a puncture, so that if there are pebbles on the tire, keys, etc. can be used to pull out, keep the tires clean

to check tire wear

from time to time, new tires and used tires traction and grip the difference Is still very large, with a long tire wear more powerful, weak grip Will be more , it Is prone to slip. Therefore, the tire should be replaced according to wear, to avoid excessive wear and tear caused unnecessary harm

If a nail pierced the tire, even if there Is no leak, but also as soon as possible put on the spare tire, a nail bar supplemented on tires. Sometimes a nail bar on the first not-for-spare tire, tire repair master let take a look at the nails, nail if it was not, the tie Is not deep, may not spike tires, you do not needI want to change a spare tire.

Finally, a reminder that we should pay attention to avoid the potholes in the road when the tire Is run over a pothole, the tire Will also be squeezed. The larger potholes, speed fast, then squeeze the tire being greater efforts Will result in the tires appear bulge. Tire curing well or not related to traffic safety Car, can not be dIscounted. In addition to these conservation methods to learn more, the most important thing Is to develop good driving habits, thIs Is the best maintenance of the tire