How car tire maintenance? The following five maintenance little knowledge, you know the first few?

Is now a high-tech era, but also the Automobile age, Xiao Bian Why do I say? Of course, because we go on the road, you Will find the Car Is really a lot of ah! Some better conditions completely no shortage of Car, because the road Is the upper limit of odd and even numbers, so people Will take turns driving, Is very multi-luxury Car, but a Car people Will have doubts, and that Is the Car’s tires how to maintain it?

In fact, when one wheel Is small series a very sad thing, because the wheels are open every day, every day in the force encountered dirty or hard water stains had to go uphill, so that the tire Is indeed very poor, small series that tire maintenance Is required a lot of skill, but also requires some knowledge of small, small series took everyone to see it.

The first Is to ensure that inflation pressure in in the winter the temperature Is relatively low, according to people say they know of thermal expansion and contraction, the owner should be appropriately increased winter tire inflation pressure, tire wear reducing consumption. There Is ice on the road when the tire inflation pressure Is too high at thIs time Will seriously affect tire grip, it Is easy to trouble. In thIs case it Is recommended to use small series Is higher than the standard 10 to 15% of the inflation pressure. When insufficient tire inflation pressure should replenIsh go.

The second Is to control the speed, in if the parking time after the cold start again because the tires more rigid, it must be traveling at a low speed after the start, I do not know if you do not have the feeling that every hot Car in the winter time Will be very long after the Car speed Will come down, but at thIs time we do thIs Is a normal phenomenon, just remember not to accelerate on the right.

The third Is to strengthen the protection cleaning, when the front and rear of the Car in the cold season, pay special attention to the tires clean up, because before driving, to check whether there are some broken glass pattern ditch, and those ice slag, if caught in a ditch because there was very hard, the wheels can not give more pour water hot, so in thIs case we can be a useful warm water thrown on wheels, then start your own Car. Where there Is a need to pay attention Is to look at the top there are no nails. Hard object those things, if there must be promptly dIsposed of, oh.

The fourth Is to focus on those who wear indicator, new tires and old tires, regardless of the gravity or the grip Is different, the difference Is still very large, especially those tires wear more powerful, even in the winter Is not running, if there was a tire wear more powerful case, then we must timely replacement.

grain depth

of the tire Is 1.6 mm there Is a sign of wear, Is a small boss, thIs Is known as a tread wear indicator, because that Is “TWI”, if you wear the Car had been there, it shows everyone the renewal of Car tires, Cars are given a warning, so we changed that.

Fifth tire pressure Is not too high in summer, many owners Will notice when tire pressure, Is to prevent the emergence of a puncture, in fact, winter Is the tire pressure should be concerned about, but we have to know the point Is that the tire pressure to change with temperature change, so the winter test of time, to wait until after a period of rest and then the Car ran the test.


Car tire maintenance? Xiaobian bring everyone to understand5 maintenance knowledge, you knew the first few it?