How car maintenance maintenance Is not a pit, keep in mind that these


maintenance Car maintenance Is not a pit, keep in mind that these

Hello, everyone, I am a soup, with the improvement of living standards, most families have their own Car, whether at work or home Is very convenient, do not go to crowded trains, Cars, etc., but there are still many owners do not know some knowledge of the Car, hIs Car once a fault, regardless of size, the owner of the a time to think of 4s shop or repair shop for maintenance, so do not spend too much money wasted, there Is the need to maintain their Cars at a certain time, a lot of people do not know what the maintenance, which should not Care, so only lIsten to the 4S shop to call the shots and maintenance, today I Will teach you.

Please remember to 4S shop maintenance, the service advIser quote you for the following items can not do:

The first a: engine lubrication system cleaning agent

second: the engine lubrication system protective agent

third: the cylinder wall repair agents

fourth: line-aging agent

fifth: cleaning brake system

sixth: washing the catalytic

these can not do, so you can save a lot of money.

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