How car maintenance, long maintenance time, let’s look at car maintenance knowledge introduction

a topic of keeping a Car Is the Car owners very Caring, how long that Car maintenance once it? Here take a look Detailed knowledge of vehicle maintenance.

Cars long maintenance time

the first insurance hour:

the first insurance hour, around the requirements not quite the same, and some require 3000 km, and some require 4000 km, but recommended that the first insurance group Car king best not to cross 5000 kilometers, as usual, like a new Car must have a run-in period, the first box of oil in that there must be a lot of iron impurities like dust, real change engine oil Is also an effective countermeasure idea of ​​Care.

Afterwards the first protection, 4S shop as usual a city in claim Paul 5000 km, the instruction sheet Is required Is 8000 km or within 6 months. Jun Car group deems necessary in accordance with their own circumstances may be, if often travel in places worse case scenario, he Will give the vehicles do regular maintenance, if the vehicle Is traveling endless road in good condition, proper maintenance cycle can be delayed. The usual daily traffic, have to pay more attention to the tips in the trip computer, such as the prompt “Please click here to change oil” appears, it Is necessary to do a maintenance of the Car.

routine maintenance items that change the three filters and oil. The so-called three filters: snare oil filter, air filter and the fuel filter, oil filter Is to dip them in the air and impurities in the gas, to prevent these impurities from entering the interior of the idea of ​​making, affecting its normal work, we are on schedule to change these parts, can effectively delay the idea of ​​the life of the policy.

Cars long maintenance time

Other maintenance items:

Automotive coolant level check position Is suitably delineated.

check the brake fluid, brake system, the working situation, presence or absence of signs of leakage.

oil check whether appropriate steering tank delineated.

check the battery level of the liquid surface and glass cleaning agent.

check generator, air conditioning and other systems are working properly.

check whether the steering scouring, agile, reliable, driving the front wheels and the non-swing mercy deviation signs.

check the operating state of the horn and lights, front and rear lights are complete (snare headlights, wide vIsual lights, turn signals, brake lights, reversing lights and fog).

check tire pressure and wear situation, according to the wear on the tires stop transposition.

check the battery status.

the idea of ​​making the operating state check, whether easy start, smooth operation, normally an exhaust (exhaust compliance means), water, a suitable oil pressure requirements, speed stable, no abnormal noIse.

ChassIs check, whether the agile steering mechanIsm, bolts, each of the fittings, threaded tee to be intact, associated with Careful not leak.

check the whole Car Is necessary smooth coherent parts.

maintenance cycle and the primary content of

to 5,000 km service intervals, for example

5000 km: Change the oil filter

10,000 km: Change oil filter, air filter, fuel filter

15,000 km: Change oil filter , air filter

20,000 km: Change oil filter, air filter, fuel filter

25,000 km: Change the oil filter

30,000 km: Change oil filter, air filter, air filter, fuel filter

35,000 km: Change the oil filter

40,000 km: Change oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, brake fluid, power steering oil

45000 km: Change oil filter, air filter

50,000 km: Change oil filter, air filter, fuel filter

55,000 km: change the oil filter

60,000 kilometers: change the oil filter, air filter, air filter, fuel filter

maintenance Note:

Is the fuel filter and air filter change every 10,000 kilometers, while the air conditioning filter every year or 20,000 km or so to stop change.

to stop the whole Car once in the hour of need 40,000 km oil change.

To stop every hour maintenance check on the gearbox, although without having to change the oil, but to regularly check the amount of transmIssion fluid, not private line change with non-original oil.

check forty thousand kilometers per spark plug, the spark plug needs to change eighty thousand kilometers.

Car maintenance knowledge

First, the idea of ​​making oil check

to park vehicles on the level of the road. Pull vernier check the amount of oil, if the shiny (F) and (L) in two of the reticle, n belonging to the practice mode, if less than (L) bits. We should add the specified type of oil, after the liquid fuel Is not higher than (F) position.

Second, check the brake liquid surface

High Brake Also, between said normal low. If the brake fluid near the lower limit or below the lower limit, said system may have leaks or excessive brake shoe wear, it Is timely to stop repair service station.

When the additional brake fluid, to be noted that the unified models add brake fluid to prevent damage to the cup, note Care prevent erosion of paint finIsh.

Third, the battery maintenance check

fixed to the battery check Is stable, the electrolyte should beBetween the upper and lower limits, should be close to the real-time additional offline electrolytic solution or dIstilled water to the high line. Contacting the positive and negative battery cable holding exciting and maintaining a clean battery monotonic. Hour to place a long vehicle off the positive and negative battery cables, separated by two weeks or so after the start rewiring policy idea about 20 minutes, if the amount Is not enough to significantly real-time charging.

Fourth, the belt check

idea or start making the usual routine when driving a vehicle, a belt made sound, long-term scenario Is that the belt no check mediation form, according to the normal standards of mediation can be. Another scenario Is a belt of aging, the need to change.

Fifth, the examination of the spark plug

normal intact plug insulating ceramic. No signs of leakage split, when the spark plug gap 0.8 + -0.0mm dIscharge, spark blue, strong. If creating great need to stop or change the spark plug gap mediation.

Sixth, the idea of ​​making check coolant level

When making the warm state idea, absolutely not open the radiator cap, otherwIse it may burn spilled coolant or high-temperature steam. After cooling the idea of ​​making the like, check the coolant level should be between the low and the full bit, dIstilled or otherwIse pure water should be added (not add mineral) or cryogenic liquid, the liquid level can not exceed the full bit water was added. Such as the creation of a short hour coolant decreases quickly, should check whether the cooling system for leaks or to the service station to check.

VII clutch master cylinder check the liquid level

level clutch interposed between high and low level indicates a normal, if below the standard line, the master cylinder or the wheel cylinder cup may be damaged. In making the idea of ​​running state signs hanging files difficult or impossible hanging files Will appear, immediate access to the nearest service station.

Eight, tire check

a month should check tire pressure at about room temperature, if below the normal level should be promptly filled Tire pressure. Pressure Is not too high or too low, otherwIse affect safe driving.

check tire turtleSplit case, real security rIsks exIst when a tire change.

When the selection of the tire, the model should be made equal.

Nine, check the air filter

dirty air filter can cause bad policy idea work, excessive fuel consumption, read excellent damage policy, when check the air cleaner, if the dust create fewer, less congestion, available high-pressure air from the blowing out, continue to be used. Dirty air filter should be promptly replaced.

X. check the fuel filter

When creating poor oil should check whether the fuel filter plugging, such as foreign body Real-time change should be blocked.