How car maintenance lights to eliminate?

you Will encounter a lot of trouble in driving a Car, when, of course, as there Is no trouble, then you must have your own methods, which are from our peacetime accumulation of Car knowledge, here I tell you about the maintenance light elimination method, which Is very practical, you can refer to my skills.

First, in order to eliminate Car maintenance light, then we went to do a few specific things popular series of steps, first of all we have to open the Car’s ignition switch, and then you use a hand hold the reset button [5], where the other hand to turn off the ignition switch.

Second, we reset button while holding down the [5] button, do not have to let go, have to wait until the clock and mileage on the meter does not dIsplay completely if possible, also that Is the instrument, must not have no dIsplay, which Is completely black screen, then you can release the button.

Third, finIsh the above steps, thIs time we have to start again, continuing with hIs hand while pressing the reset button 5] button again, thIs time we want to re-open Automobile ignition switch above, we see that the meter maintenance tips shaking, then we have to hold down the reset button [5] and wait for the Car maintenance tips after not flashing, release the button on the line.

Fourth, When we release the button, we need to try that he Is not been successful, so we need to re-open the Car’s ignition switch, the best you can start your own Car, so that you can check that our success Is no way to clear.

Fourth, Toyota or Honda, then cancel maintenance lights take a few simple steps, first we need to give their Car full of fire, and then we need to press live reset button, we note that it Is clear that the position of the odometer, press and hold on the line.

Sixth, right now we need to start turning the Car keys to your Car switches, we note that thIs Is not to say that your firing position, and then we start the left hand clockwIse, that Is, you want to rotate to the right reset button, you must pay attention to thIs point.

Seventh, after the completion of the above steps you need to hold down the MODE button, and we want the Car’s ignition Is off, so your Car to complete zero, all after the end of the action, we can re-start the Car to do some experiments In general, thIs mode Is very spiritual.