How big the car needs maintenance?

as saying that three separate Car raIsing seven, which Is enough to see the importance of the maintenance of the Car, for the owners concerned, must be timely maintenance of your Car, make it better for our service . Car maintenance based on time and mileage, the size of the maintenance of the points. In general, each Car traveling 5000 kilometers or after a lapse of six months (whichever comes first) a small maintenance Will be Carried out, of course, if you use a good synthetic oil, it can also be 7500 km or 10000 km further maintenance. Additionally, while Car washing Is preferably in the maintenance, vehicle maintenance Is also always check the tire surface portion and the pressure, oil scale, cooling water, oil brake.

Car maintenance five points: 1, using the appropriate oil level on a regular basIs (every 5,000 km) and a replacement oil filter; 2, regular maintenance of the air cleaner and regularly (every 20,000 km) replacement; 3, regular cleaning of the fuel system periodically (every 30,000 km) the replacement of the fuel filter; 4, periodically (30,000 km) cooling network maintenance tank; 5, regular (or 40,000 km driving situation) replace the spark plug.

projects a conventional regular replacement of oil, filters, air filters, fuel filters, air filter, canIster, transmIssion oil, brake oil, power oil, antifreeze drive belts . There are regularly examine and adjust the wheel alignment replacement projects and transposition, brakes and so on.

small and large maintenance-based maintenance, mileage and maintenance time Is longer, but the replacement of more projects, except that all items other than small maintenance, further comprIsing inspection / replacement tires and brake pads, examination n belts and spark plugs, cleaning the fuel system and air conditioning systems, check the battery and other projects.

(operations staff: He Shuguang)