Heard car tires have to maintain it?

Car tire Carries the heavy responsibility of our climbing wading, so the need for regular maintenance of it? Xu Troop today for everyone to explain, including the following four aspects.


[a] monthly tire pressure detection, for family Cars maintained at about 2.3 in summer, winter maintained at about 2.5 you can, too high or too low Will cause serious wear and tear or puncture, Figure 2 Is a long time tire pressure caused by excessive wear in the middle.

FIG. 2

Now many high vehicle tire pressure digital dIsplay has low allocation models may install their own, we note that these Will be able to , but some Volkswagen models only tire pressure warning system so you do not see the value that we only have to repair the station regularly checked.


at the completion of make-up gas maintenance workers double-check to make sure the gas nozzle for leaks, there are many cases inflation needle no return caused.

Figure 4

[two] always check the presence or absence of the outside of the tire flawed, particularly difficult to find the inside, which Is a high-speed the biggest rIsk factors. Time also removing the tread of hard objects such as stones to avoid damaging the tread.


[three] tires usually have to do Careful maintenance, to avoid direct sunlight caused aging rubber, not in the Car wash the use of inferior tire maintenance agent, while driving Do not allow parking sidewall surface contact with hard objects, because it Is the thinnest part Is fragile (Figure 5).

[four] to replace the standard tires do not look at age, injury, or if the sidewall surface of Tire have replaced the more than four times, there Is a situation that Is not to wear security lines, but there must also replace the cracking phenomenon (Figure 6).


Summary: four tires of the vehicle Is four fulcrum of our lives Is indIspensable, we must setPeriod do balancing, wheel alignment, tire rotation to ensure safe travel, so when the vehicle maintenance including tires, must not ignore its exIstence.

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