He said maintenance costly car maintenance in the end you need to understand that knowledge Will not be pit

For the current Americans, there are a variety of ways to meet the needs of their own Car. Even if nothing else under the financial burden, stable income and good number of cases, it can borrow money to buy a luxury Car. But Why a lot of people, after buying a luxury Car, did not take long to sell, in fact, the main reason Is the luxury Car maintenance and fuel consumption, these two aspects of consumer unacceptable. In fact, Care for a lot of people have been very mysterious, I do not know what maintenance Is done? Well, today we have to look at, say costly maintenance, maintenance in the end what do you do? Do you really know? Come take a look!

First (knock blackboard), we need to know, in fact, divided into daily Care and maintenance, small maintenance and major maintenance; we mainly do a general introduction today , so that we have a more overall understanding. At a later date further in-depth understanding of thIs topic.

1 routine maintenance

the name suggests Is the daily routine maintenance of some maintenance, which mainly include cleaning, fastening , inspection, filling; thIs routine maintenance may have been a soldier, driven a Car people are more familiar with, in the army, which Is very common items, but for us ordinary people, it may be time to start or to rely on professionals to complete, but the drivers have become old after many years of driving experience can be your own work.

In fact, very few people are now able to do a routine check on the Car, unless the Car Is operating, otherwIse it Is difficult to ask yourself before traveling Clean and inspect, travel and then check, but have to admit thIs Is a very good habit, but also through the above four steps that can eliminate a lot of potential safety problems, but also to extend the life of the Car.

2 small maintenance

little maintenance, in order to better running performance of maintenance, mainly According to the timetable provided by the manufacturer, oil change and oil filter. Oil machine oil mainly depends on the classification used, divided into three types: a general mineral oils, semIsynthetic oils, synthetic full; replacement time thereof are 5000,7500,10000 (Unit km); different brands, different prices, different brands of vehicles, labor costs also vary, but generally imported Cars Is relatively high, so the free Car warranty, at thIs point more appropriate. The oil filter Is filtering the oil used. Its replacement frequency, usually with the oil, replace with recommended Long-life filter, thIs life longer. Does not need to be replaced every time, here be Careful not to waste money.

3 major maintenance

In short, it Is for the Car to conduct a comprehensive maintenance. As already mentioned a small maintenance projects, in fact, major maintenance Is covered by a previous project, so we Will not repeat the description. Focus here Is the other remaining items.

First, the air filter Is, in general, the air filter are the same schedule 15,000 (in km) for a change; however, different brands schedule Is also somewhat different, such as BMW needs to be replaced in the second time, but it Is important to check, to be replaced if dirty, do not be too mechanical. Secondly, fuel filters, fuel filters schedule also still different, probably replaced every thirty thousand kilometers, but thIs may delay, do not delay too long, no problem.

Based on the above content, in fact, you’ll find that the maintenance of the project Is very complicated. In addition to the above-mentioned maintenance Is outside the focus of the rest as well as brakes, transmIssion oil, spark plugs, brake fluid, etc., and even paint maintenance, like giving the Car to be SPA, the project Is very complicated, so, we are divided into three categories above three large projects, the rest of the project Is basically Shucks does not look good, but also to prioritize, do not blindly spend money!