Has been doing car maintenance, in the end it Is to keep a car or car crash?

drove a number of years, it can be considered an old driver, and recently I have been a friend to chat with views on the maintenance of the Car, just to talk about in thIs article today.

I was in America, few understand the Car of a friend recommended bought a nice Car, but also spent a lot of effort specially shipped to Canada. The Car driving experience Is great, but at that time I did not understand a truth, pay attention to vehicle maintenance, “raIsing seven, three repair” Is thIs level of Car maintenance also need the same level. Until once almost led to an accident, I was aware of thIs serious problem.

I was traveling by Car with a few friends in Banff National Park. But the more I open the wrong way of return, but does not say specifically where. Then later a sharp turn to the brakes, only to find the root actually brake the Car, with foot pedals move in together, I tried to kick trampled to death, the Car was barely brake to stop, really sCared a Car person.

Fortunately, thIs time from Calgary has been very close, safe, or let the trailer dragged a 4S shop nearby, only to find four tires brakes almost bottomed out …… thIs Is totally ignored major maintenance Issues, so quickly in the store for a genuine brake pads, dare to continue to open out.

In fact, when I was going to do some general maintenance, change of engine oil getting better, but are open to the repair shop of an acquaintance, rather than looking for 4S shop to do. After that I realized that to do so appears to be to save money, but in fact the vehicle Is very hurt, thIs also means that allow preservation of Cars also declined.

As another example, I have a good friend open Audi began to think thIs thing Is trivial maintenance, note the large, small parts does not matter, not security maintenance pure see mood. Later, there are times he mentioned the recent idling always shake the feeling, but the driver did not always feel so smooth in the past, and it went to a nearby repair shop always also can not find anything wrong, the problem remains the same, I suggested that he go to Audi 4S together under shop inspection, not because it Is cheap.

and then we were to the store, waited for about half an hour, test results came out, the problem Is actually the air filter, the filter Is cheaper before friends in a small repair shop change the “Audi genuine.” Since the replacement Is not too long, the entire filter has been locked up completely dirty …… thIs kind not to cause damage to sensitive parts of the engine (4S shop staff said original words comprIses an intake valve, pIston rings, cylinder wall , sliding bearings are likely to be bad).

can say that thIs test result was far beyond expectations both of us, because we all belong to the default air filter small problem, not cause such a big impact. But it turns out after a friend of the new Audi factory replacement filter, and those problems before the Car actually really gone.

I admit that if we were psychological in accordance with the previous estimate after check out the cause of the problem, the future Will be to find a chicken thief ordinary repair shop replaced. But thIs time I think the experience of professional 4S shop Is indeed a motley crew that can not be compared: the replacement of the air filter Audi factory, specializing in customized according to the filter housing, and engine matching the specific model, do not do not say, so for once again driving up to the peace of mind more at ease.

and Audi 4S stores little sIster Is also very good service, to answer a lot of professional Issues, the key color value Is not really low (even made before leaving our small gift) ……

the way science at the air filter (air filter) works right, thIs thing really should not be overlooked. Its main role Is to provide clean air for the engine, the intake air with which to prevent foreign particles in the work, thereby increasing the chances of erosion and damage. The air cleaner Is largely divided into two components: the filter Is responsible for gas filtration, the filter outer protective casing. An air cleaner Is working can afford high efficiency air filter work, without excessive increase of air flow resIstance, and long time continuous operation.

If not properly maintained, then, In addition to that engine parts are worn like my friend, can also cause damage to the air flow meter, and thus can not determine the correct amount of air. Further, due to lack of maintenance of the cleaner dirty combustion air pollution, it Will lead to increased fuel consumption and emIssions. And if badly clogged filter, it may even cause engine damage or power outage.

The reason Why the air filter Audi factory are so “efficacy”, mainly because most of the cottage Is a product of three non-use of materials very low, the lack of quality assurance, such as low-grade paper seal unreasonable and excellent sealing material, resulting in incomplete sealing. It Is furthermore possible inaccuracies pleated paper production, serious error or pore size, resulting in increased pressure difference, so that the dust particles entering the engine, or engine power reduction.

The advantages of the Audi factory of it, in addition to matching just mentioned, as well as in accordance with DIN standards, combined with precIsion, to ensure efficient cleaning ability. Large filtering surface area, absorption performance, Will increase the heating value and reduce fuel consumption and the like ……

In addition to the air cleaner, like fuel filter, air filter, comprIsing a spark plug, brake fluid, transmIssion fluid, these belts also require maintenance time. If everything that lack of maintenance, Will bring damage, decline in driving performance of the vehicle, including security rIsks, and so on.

In addition, I personally highly recommend you go to the formal 4S shop to replace the spare parts, do maintenance, especially as big brands such as Audi, the Car after such maintenance to drive more peace of mind at ease, like the above reason also say that the most important thing Is: do not order because they are cheap and suffer a great deal.