Guidebooks car, check it out

Now more and more people are buying Cars in search of convenience, in fact, like women, like, the Car needs maintenance, we all know that Is the core of the Car engine, if the engine damage, the Car Will not work, in fact, in the Automotive sector, the gearbox and the engine just as important, if not promptly repair the gearbox Will be damaged, and the vehicle Is not on the road, how to maintain the gearbox, transmIssion oil change how long a Car repair master said: if you more than thIs number of kilometers, you may need major repairs.

after we buy a Car, be sure to look at Car repair manuals, one can see the maintenance of the Car, in fact, the same gearbox oil and oil, has lubrication and cleaning, when the Car reaches a certain mileage, the Car needs to be replaced, however, many owners only know that after changing the 5000-10000 km, timely replacement of oil they need, without frequent replacement of the gearbox, in fact, under normal circumstances when the Cars to 40,000 km, it Is necessary to replace the Auto gearbox oil, of course, thIs also with the use of the environment and Car owners driving habits, however, Car repair master said, it Is best not more than 60,000 kilometers, since travel too long, transmIssion oil has more dirt, the gearbox Will cause damage, or even overhaul.

Many owners do not understand Why they need to change the gearbox oil, in fact, after a certain number of years of use, all gearboxes Will have different degrees of decline, thIs Is mainly because the gearbox oil has deteriorated, degraded, in addition, some of the dirt from entering the transmIssion oil through the cooling system of the transmIssion, and the transmIssion of the transmIssion as an Automobile, and have mechanical wear, thus creating swarf Will have a serious effect on the function of the transmIssion oil.

If the transmIssion oil deterioration, the acceleration Will weaken, increasing the fuel consumption of the Car, and the Car Will appear jittery, in severe cases, pipe It Will be blocked, and because the temperature Is too high, the transmIssion Will be abandoned, and look at the domestic transmIssion Car repair workshop, most of them are replaceable components to solve the problem, naturally the price Is very expensive, and I once again remind the majority of owners, if you the speed of over 100 km, the gearbox has a lot of noIse, then you need to consider the needReplace the gearbox oil.

In addition, a variety of transmIssion oil on the market today, when we make a choice, the best choice for a big brand, we can not try to do small and cheap after all, bad oil Will damage the gearbox, of course, for your own Car gearboxes, not more expensive, the best, so we just need to make changes as transmIssion models.