Four most basic car care tips, you know a few?

Editor: Great Treasure

1, oil changes

oil can be roughly divided into three categories, said on the popular conventional oils , semi-synthetic oil, fully synthetic oil. “Normal” oil Is generally exposed to the air for 3 months or so to start oxidized. There Is no period regardless of use, the oil should be changed every three months or so, when. Synthetic motor oil in six months or nine months or so. If driving, domestic general began in 5000 km attenuated. Semi-synthetic motor oil in 7500 in general, fully synthetic oil Is generally around 10,000 kilometers.

2, Car headlights

Car headlights to travel 50,000 km or 2 years depending on usage replace. Car lights as the lighting work, especially at night driving, the equivalent of a Car’s eyes. If there Is a problem too late to repair the headlight, the consequences could be dIsastrous.

3, the tire

Car tires, steel Is the easiest dirty parts. Therefore, the maintenance of tires Is also very important key. If the tire Is not too dirty, wash with a detergent for general use on the line. Unless there really Is too much dirt, it may be necessary to purchase a professional cleaner. A tire replacement cycle Is 50,000 to 80,000 km, the sides once the cracks, must be promptly replaced.

4, the engine compartment

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during long use, the nacelle usually within the dusty, then the owners need to be cleaned regularly, otherwIse it Will affect the normal cooling of the engine, can cause serious adverse heat seal leakage. But one thing should be noted that the engine compartment Is absolutely not washed.