For some suggestions summer car maintenance, make your car all summer release

The weather Is getting hot we put on lighter clothes, relative to the vehicle should be adjusted in terms of corresponding, for maintenance of Car maintenance in summer Is in place for all aspects of the case Will have more big improvement. Here I Will talk about some of the aspects they know for summer maintenance, hope for some of my friends can play a positive role.

First of all, the summer season Is a Car prone to spontaneous combustion. We all know that the Car ignition hazard Is relatively large, relatively big threat not only for personal property, for a lot of people’s lives and safety are also relatively large rIsk, so that thIs point must be maintained in place for the life of comparIson old models it Is timely to check the circuit of the aging Car and Car parts at all, timely replacement, preventing the Car from spontaneous combustion phenomenon in which the process of driving or parking.

and Is the Car tires, most of the accidents are because of the high-speed tires. Summer Is coming temperatures, tire pressure Will be relatively increased, and the temperature in the summer pavement should be much higher, for the tire test also greatly increased, in terms of road maintenance for our daily Car tires Is also very important for timely monitoring tire pressure, tire pressure Is too high at the time put a little, so a relatively safe and stable tire pressure value, and then, to proper rest in a long time among the driving process for Car tires also have a buffering process, thIs can have a big improvement to our road safety.

and Is the maintenance of Car paint. Summer, flies more and more birds, feces followed it more. We all know that the majority of feces of these insects are more acidic substances, to paint the Car damage Is more serious, timely cleaning and protecting the paint done in place, usually more Car washing, waxing play a plated film, for protect the paint it Will have a very positive effect. If the usually busy, timely clean-up in the case of a foreign body to see the Car, and it rains in the summer after the Car as much as possible the use of water washed again. After completion of the red, the Car drops should try to clean it, to prevent direct sunlight, causing spots on the Car.

and brakes Is maintained. Although thIs Is a practical limit of a few kilometers, but among the summer driving process, we must pay great attention to the maintenance of brake pads. Since summer temperature itself Is relatively high, coupled with the brake pad itself Is prone to overheating of a site, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, it Will cause a loss of braking force Is weakened or even for daily driving safety Will play a very big role unsafe . So brake pads have routine ground maintenance.

These as well as air conditioning maintenance in addition. Summer has come among the driving process Will be used in Car air conditioning. ThIs time many owners Will be reflected in the Car air conditioner does not cool or say Air conditioning blowing wind smell, which would be a large air-conditioning maintenance for the entire cycle of the intake line, and more sand or pollute the environment in place , should wash wash wash replace the air conditioning filter, so the driver or passenger on breathing also has a large health Care, but it can also improve the efficiency of the engine and air conditioning.

These are some of my personal recommendations for summer Car maintenance, did not say welcome you to replenIsh. I am a small Xie, a non-professional Automotive commentator, like I can follow me and we chatted together Car