For car maintenance, thIs four part does not change the words, the basic maintenance Is white!

for Car maintenance, thIs four part does not change the words, the basic maintenance Is white!

With economic development, vehicle maintenance has become a particularly common word, because as long as the family Is buying a Car should be maintained, but the United States the number of families do not have to buy a Car I think it should be less of it, so small series that Car maintenance thIs article should apply to various points readers. In fact, Xiao Bian want to say Is, these days something Will buy updating era, let alone buy a Car, buy a cell phone less than two years to buy a new one, buy a computer less than three years and buy a new one, and the price Is a more than a high, buy a Car like thIs Is tens of thousands of dollars, if you do not Care, then it Is wasted, because soon on the new Car to replace your old Car, and saw a small series of special fun News means he just bought a Car, not exceeding one month, you Will find the Car for several thousands of dollars, and in particular the dIstressed, but there Is no way to open yourself, but I watched found the next year the Car Is already 20% of the original.

It may be a joke, so it Is not very high trusted component, but it also side reflected the advent of the Automobile market thIs new product. So like Cars, Car Care, buy a Car person, then certainly for the maintenance of the Car Is particularly important, say the following small series for four particularly important aspect of Car maintenance, even if you four aspects do not know if you can say Is basic common sense do not know the Car 1:00.

Xiao Bian below the first cylinder Car Is to say, I think thIs thing Is like a lot of people Will shield it or ignore it, but he Is a especially important thing, if you do not replace him, then your Car Will become particularly special slow, but the key point Is particularly large fuel consumption, as we all know, gas-guzzling Cars for words to He said to be particularly fatal injuries, because a Car Is part of its most burn fuel costs. For such Cars, in fact, we all should have Care, especially those easily overlooked areas, thIs part of the Car, in fact, the reason Why people are ignored, that IsBecause he was always particularly dirty, then dust Soil and look, and then it all feel does not seem very important, because the important thing Is to be particularly clean it. Here Is urine, feeling most concerned about Is how long you want to travel after thIs he should change what part of it, Xiao Bian tell you Is the amount of travel of more than ten thousand kilometers according to the official answer, then I would change about thIs Car cylinder a.

Here say a digression, because before the small series of neighbor bought a Car, but the Car Is parked in the garage long term, has never been out to see him open, the key point Is that the Car seems to have never been serviced, then I asked the owner said, that you do not Care of thIs Car do not open the case, Why do you want to buy a Car? He said that buying thIs Car time to open, and found work ah, ah there Is life, there are in thIs small town, there Is no use, so it has not been open Car, but Xiaobian feel special habit that Car maintenance Is not it? Do not help me, then damage it?

Xiao Bian ask some official answers, told Xiao Bian thing, even if it Is not a long time to open the Car, it also needs maintenance, so Car maintenance either open or not open? As long as you have to buy maintenance, which Is really a special thing to spend money, so be sure to report when the extra bother, we must understand some basic truth, the basic rules, and if do not understand anything, you that Is, a layman, that there are people 4s shop to hang out.

The second Xiao Bian want to say Is particularly critical parts of the constant velocity joint, I believe for people Automotive research probably have to know thIs Is an important part of the key to hIs special powerful, equivalent to the human mind. But say so, Xiao Bian feel like an exaggeration, he Is not equivalent to mind, but its role should be especially critical as it Is to prevent the inside, there are a number of volatile gasoline some of the dust, then mIssed the like , in fact, many people Will ignore thIs part, because it feels like a constant velocity joint Is very common, and there Is no thing of little value, in fact,Not so, if you ignore it for a long time without replacing it, you Will find a special Card in your Car, just like your computer screen freezes up Card. If such a thing happens to your Car, then you must go to check hIs constant velocity joint, there Is no matter what happens? In addition to white also suggest that you Carefully go check some of the key parts of the Car, in case something unexpected things happen, the damage for the whole family Is particularly large, because we think Carefully, in life What Is the most important of them Is not that safe? Security rIsks that occur where, not that that Car? Because the Car Is our act of transport, should be open every day, you do not deal with hIs words Carefully, in case one day you Will be an accident the whole family thing, then what a pity.

Car maintenance when the third thing Is particularly critical brake fluid. Brakes thIs thing, I believe that Xiao Bian Needless to say, we all know the importance of it, can not say if the Car brakes, then thIs Car Is simply no way normal driving, and must be withdrawn, then Xiao Bian today to say Is Car maintenance when the brake fluid how to replace thIs thing, or Why you want to replace it? Simple, small series Cars because it Is too long, then the temperature Will rIse, motor oil Will evaporate or deformation, if you do not replace it, you Will find the Car slowly it seems useless so flexible. ThIs Is a particularly terrible thing, because DIshuichuanshi, we all know the proverb, for such Cars Is also true, if we do not deal with them in time, it Is likely that one day it slowly piled up Will be well spent, the critical moment the brakes not working, it means accidents.

Finally, a small series of a particularly critical part Is the spark plug, I think thIs Is a very important after things, because thIs thing a long time does not change, it Will have a very serious problem of gasoline locomotives, so I hope that we can timely look at these four parts, Car maintenance when these four sites Will know It has a great influence on hIs Car.

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