Follow-up of vehicle maintenance, and high prices and expensive, so you still hear people trick you?

follow-up of vehicle maintenance, and high prices and expensive, so you still hear people trick you?

appear all kinds of different Cars, Car brands also have different prices. So for us, the Car of choice Is a very important choice when we buy a Car, buy a Car Will be based on our own own economic strength.

Car after the purchase Is completed, we respect its maintenance Is very important, because the most important thing at a Car maintenance later. Only good Care of you, you use the Car a long time, so it appears the problem Will be relatively small. Then the maintenance of what Issues we should pay attention to it? What Is needed by 4s maintenance personnel for maintenance, which Is its own maintenance?

The first one, when we drove for gasoline consumption Is relatively fast, then we also need to Carefully consider the choice of gasoline. Some Cars Will select some fully synthetic, as we have thIs common, relatively low-end, the Car does not belong in the high-end products, can choose some semi-synthesIs. Own Car type determines the type of oil you use, do not use a particularly good oil to reflect the value of their Cars, in fact, they are the same.

The first two, we went to 4s shop when, 4s shop in-store service staff certainly tried to sell their products, a variety of maintenance products We Will recommend to you, be sure to make a choice. Like the kind of cleaning agents to clean the Car through, we can take the time to clean their own time from their own, no need to spend a lot of money in the 4s shop to let someone else clean. Like some small parts for Cars, can replace themselves, we can buy some of these products, and then replace it yourself. For example, Automobile air conditioning filters, we can replace themselves, simple operation, which would also save a lot of money.

The first three, for our Car, we at least once a year to detect orientation, thIs time we Will receive a lot of sales pitches , to sell you their own services. When we buy Cars, factoryFamily Will provide three to five years of free medical activity, thIs time we can take advantage of thIs chance to make your Car manufacturer to conduct a test. Manufacturers understand your Car, but also better able to put forward the problems and solutions for you.

vehicle maintenance Is very important, in our late vehicle maintenance, we must pay attention to ways and means, do not blindly believe the repair shop personnel . Knowing these tips little experience, we can serve as a reference to the future maintenance of the Car, do not be deceived again. We have other tricks up their sleeves can learn from it?