Family car maintenance Is very simple, you can learn about patience, do it yourself

family Car maintenance Is very simple, they can learn about patience, to do their own

A few days ago, to accompany a friend to see gas Car, there are a lot of people are look at Cars, family Cars now increasingly being recognized by everyone, has become one of the main tools we travel; family Car and then filled with running time, who pay attention to their family Car Is to be Careful Care, patient Care of it ? When looking at the Car of my friends also do not mention how to mention Car maintenance to do, to hear the waiter patiently explain seems to be very simple, it Is not our own maintenance Is very simple it? Everyone’s heart may have such doubts it! Now our family home Is a simple Car maintenance of my own doing. Although the store did not as detailed, but at least do it yourself still very Careful.

First of all, let’s clean up the Car, thIs Is not very easy ah? Not effect, simple cleaning it? We usually garbage generated in the Car, I think we Will put it in the Car ready for the trash or garbage bag; we Will put health kits or paper towels in the back of the Car seat cover to cleaning, to avoid waste. Cleaning mats also need Careful, I Will generally be removed to clean floor mats, which contains a lot of dust and particles, as well as our invIsible bacterium, so I feel removed for cleaning or necessary, also to avoid dust and particles falling vehicle.

to clean Auto glass Is also very important, I would hardly have time to wipe the glass, not only a good line of sight, but also improve our driving vIsion.

of the lubricating oil Car, I would choose a little better, because of its role in the transmIssion mechanIsm of lubrication Is good, thIs Is related to our Cars the ability to question, so I think we all do that. Then there’s the Issue of oil Car, drove some time to replace the Car’s engine oil, because oil Will change when traveling in the Car, so the choice of oil when the oil Will choose formal, in order to avoid a problem with our Car.

We have not noticed water tanks, water tanks also need our Care, in general, weThe Car Is moving when the engine generates heat, which requires him to lower the temperature of the tank, if the water tank with rust particles and trash, Will not work, so the maintenance tank Is also need to do. I also recently learned tank maintenance.

every time we travel when there Is no checked the tires, I usually got home to look at the tires, look at the tires before the trip, I’ll prepare a brush long points, plus a number of cleaning agents, Will follow the full texture tire brushed off the dirt on the tires, some small stones, and we need to slowly get out, there are a lot of friends began to Care about the tires, after all, we do not want to travel when the tire problems.

Recently I started to paint the Car to do the film, so it Will not be afraid of the temperature of the sun, you can also buy a Car cover sets up.

Sometimes I’ll lift the front cover, check the state of the Car battery, look at hIs line Is normal, then above him in check dust, we are doing other maintenance, but they ignore the most basic batteries, some friends Will say, I do not know the battery, not to clean up, and I just want to say, in fact we are doing Is a Car maintenance, rather than letting you learn to repair the Car, so do not you know, so long as the cleaning can be.

may soon present social development, we are now not only in the pursuit of money or the pursuit of spiritual material life, so some friends Will spend money to its repair shop, here, I want to say, in fact, money Is not your Car maintenance problems, but the behavior of love for one of their favorite things, really do love Is love.