Every car needs maintenance what to do? The maintenance project cycle Is how long?

In recent years, U.S.’s rapid economic development, people’s lives Is more and more rich, buy a Car so it Is not difficult to fix. But buying a Car easy to keep a Car difficult, there are a lot of people think they know nothing about the Car, when to 4S shop maintenance, they said to do what it Is, people are also unaware of the pit, small series for everyone to talk about today, daily Care needs to do something, which project cycle can be longer.

First, two oil filter

, also known as engine lubricating oil, to lubricate the engine antifriction , the cooling effect of secondary cooling, leak-proof seal, rust corrosion, shock buffering. The Car known as the “blood.” With the increase of engine operating time, engine oil due to the factors of high temperature oxidation, abrasion of mechanical parts, fuel vapor corrosion and contamination. And there Will be a certain amount of consumption. It must be replaced once every 5000 km.

Second, clean the throttle

As the throttle throat general people, then the air filter , even under the engine block, to control the flow of gas into the engine cylinder, which position Is critical. If after the throttle too much Carbon, lead directly to the intake air amount small, unstable idle, engine shake. Because the proportion of gasoline and air Is not correct, it Will lead to incomplete combustion, increasing the production of other parts of coke. So be sure to throttle every 10 005 one thousand kilometers clean up once.

Third, the inlet

and the required inlet air passage of the air jet engine. The engine intake air Is supplied only constant flow rate, and to ensure that the flow field into the compressor work and the combustion chamber. Inlet causes Carbon Is also very simple, when the engine Is off, the intake valve can not be completely shut down some cylinders, some of the continuous evaporation of unburned fuel oxidation, especially the rear throttle valve Will produce some of the more soft intake pipe black Carbon deposition. The coke make on the one hand the intake pipe wall Is roughened, the intake air swirl Is generated in the rough places, affect the quality of the intake air and the effect of the mixed gas. So to clean up once every 20,000 km.

Fourth, the nozzle

Is a key component of the injector fuel, fuel needle valve an annular gap between the pintle and the high-speed ejection orifices of the head to form a mIst, favor complete combustion. If the injectors have coke, it might appear type jet, Will affect the fog effect, resulting in fuel consumption. So you Will feel the fuel consumption Will rIse. And there Will be a situation of power shortage. It Is recommended that every thirty thousand kilometers of time. I went to do some cleaning nozzle.

Fifth, the spark plug

The spark plug role Is ignited when the cylinder running top dead center the point when the energy generated by the spark plug ignition, gasoline can burn. Therefore, the ignition capability of the spark plug, the stronger the better. Many older drivers long-term change spark plugs, to the number of kilometers do not change, do not think bad can be used on the line, in fact, thIs idea Is wrong, even if the spark plug Is not bad, but the decline in the ignition capability Will affect power and fuel consumption, but all day fall a bit, changing very slowly he did not notice it. It recommended every forty thousand kilometers replace one.

These are the small series finIshing maintenance tips, I hope to help you!