Domestic and foreign car maintenance There are exquIsite, old driver to take you up knowledge!

[master Car: Car maintenance Car maintenance for the owner] Is a very difficult thing, there are some owners of the Car Will find little understanding of domestic and foreign Automobile maintenance mileage Is a gap, foreign people often have Car maintenance cycle longer than the domestic lot, then Why domestic and foreign maintenance mileage gap it?

domestic Automobile driving habits, first Is “working conditions”, which sounds a little professional. Simply put, you can be understood as a way to drive. In the United States, it Is no exaggeration to say that most Car owners Will not drive properly, such as prolonged low-speed driving, driving a short dIstance, stop and go and so on. Of course, thIs subjective factors and objective factors. Aspects of subjective factors, even today there are still many people mIstakenly believe that certain safety drive slow, drive fuel-efficient to maintain a certain minimum speed. As for the former, they tend to drive very slow, the results become affect traffic travel “turtle Car” Is not necessarily safe; the latter has been very dare deep pedal, worried about the costs of oil, almost never let the speed more than 2500rpm. Both methods are likely to cause the engine to produce coke, because the combustion Is not sufficient. Another Is hIs over-reliance on Cars, even twelve kilometers to go to a supermarket to be driving, causing the Car starts not long stalled, the short-dIstance driving and frequent engine flameout ignition for Cars Is irreversible has hurt.

the gap between domestic and foreign oil, oil condition maintenance mileage Is also an important factor, mainly referring to gasoline. According to one engineer said they do experiments with engine oil Germany and the United States, emIssion results are different. Domestic refining technology Is relatively conservative and backward, and the relatively poor quality and consIstency, such as the same oil quality difference Is No. 92, New York and Henan Is not small, it Is almost non-exIstent in some developed countries.

Master Summary: These two points are important factors people abroad vehicle maintenance cycle caused by differences, as some friends say American businesses for profit caused by a short service intervals thIs argument Is also undeniable, but thIs Is not the main reason Oh!