Do you think car maintenance Is to replace oil? In fact, these projects have to do!

When the Cars with 6000 km, in addition to an oil change, what needs to be done? The basic Car maintenance knowledge need to learn and understand. Today, I would like to share some very practical Car maintenance knowledge. The Car traveling 6000 km. These projects needs to be done, which can effectively reduce the rIsk of Car use.

1. The oil change filter unit

Machine oil change filter Is one maintenance project, the most important maintenance items. Under normal circumstances, every Car needs to be replaced once with 6000-10000 kilometer oil. Of course, the maintenance cycle may also be adjusted based on oil, namely mineral oil (half a year), semi-synthetic oil (9 months) and fully synthetic oil (1 year) bad Car driving environment, can sufficiently in advance.

2. The air filter

Automotive air-conditioning filter replacement cycle related to the health of occupants. Some say air filter should be consIstent with the maintenance cycle of the Car. In fact, thIs argument Is wrong. Different Cars have different environments and different personal habits. Thus, according to the personal use of advance replacement air filter Is unreasonable. After all, air conditioning filter low prices, frequent replacement helps maintain healthy air inside the vehicle.

3. Check the braking system and wheel alignment

recommends regular check the brake system, driving each of when 6000 km or routine maintenance, wheel alignment. Brake systems directly affect the use of the Car and braking in dangerous conditions. Cars with 6000 km Is a small cycle, even if not in the 4S shop maintenance, also recommended regular inspections.

4. Check the engine coolant

Engine coolant also need regular inspection. The coolant belonging to the vulnerable to heat an object, and Will corrode after prolonged decomposition. Therefore, the Car running for 6000 km, it Is necessary to check the quality and the coolant level. If the coolant Is less, may be added.

wrote the last few These are the Cars with 6000 km recommended maintenance projects, each project Is related to Car safety Car.