Do not underestimate car tire maintenance, tire maintenance knowledge these five must know

in traffic accidents, most of all because of Car tire flat tire caused. The old saying goes, a thousand miles begins with one step. The Car tires Is equivalent to the feet of the Car, so the Car tire maintenance Is very important, can not be underestimated Automobile tire maintenance. So for our Car tires, usually should be how to maintain it? Today small summarizes the basic knowledge of several Car maintenance, the owners want to help my friends, thIs five tire maintenance knowledge must know.

1, regularly check tire pressure: tire pressure of the Car, not only affects the life of Automobile tires, because the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, so in the winter to increase the tire pressure of Car tires. In the summer, when the temperature Is relatively high, it Is necessary to reduce the proper tire pressure, prevent air inside the tire temperature Is too high because of a puncture caused by expansion, to ensure traffic safety. Therefore, in daily life, we should regularly check the tire pressure in vehicles.

2, regular cleaning of gravel tire lines: lines of Automobile tires very easily mixed with gravel and so on all kinds of debrIs, if we do not regularly clean up the debrIs, then the beginning of time there Will be bumps in the Car with thIs sense, but also cause damage to Car tires. Our high speed when the tread if there Is gravel, it Is very easy to cause a puncture, reduce our road safety. So we should regularly clean Car tread pattern of pebbles, preventive measures, while protecting the tires.

3, timely Tire: friends of the owners do not Care if the Car tires were slashed nail into it, but the length of the nail Is not long, feeling the tie not deep, and did not tire punctured, so I feel all right, do not repair tires, in fact, as long as the nail into the bar, and are likely because the air pressure inside the tire causing a puncture. So once a nail sticking into the tires, even if there Is no leak tires, spare tire should be replaced as soon as possible, and then repaired tires were slashed nails and then replaced after the spare tire.

4. Check regularly tire wear: Tires With the increasing use of time, even if things are not punctured, and also because of prolonged ground contact caused by wear and tear, ifOur Car tire wear Is very serious, it Will lead to the dIsappearance of the lines on the tires, the Car while driving on the tire grip Is low, the situation Is very prone to slip, so the timing to check tire wear, and found severe wear and tear on the timely replacement tires.

5, to avoid the Car parked on the road uneven: many owners of thIs street parking when the Car Will be parked in the shoulder of the road, the Car both high and low, thIs Is wrong. High and low vehicle center of gravity Will shift occurs, the backlog caused by the side of the tire, the tire can easily lead to the occurrence of bulge. Potholes should avoid, avoid tire drum kit appears.

The above points are the basic knowledge of Car tire maintenance Xiaobian Summary for everyone, to understand the knowledge of the Car, I believe we Will live safer, more peace of mind.