Do not underestimate car maintenance, these four very easy to operate, but most people do not

Although now our standard of living has been greatly improved, but from the perspective of the popularity of the Car, there are still some shortcomings, the most obvious Is that many owners only know how to drive, but for vehicle maintenance , but it Is scanty, do not underestimate Car maintenance, there are some maintenance projects look easy to operate, can complete their own home, but Gehangrugeshan, most people really do well, especially in the following four maintenance projects.

The first Is to replace the maintenance of oil, some experienced drivers Will be Car maintenance on a regular basIs, thIs Is the high spots of the old drivers Will be some operations but from the actual situation, still there are some problems, such as whether the oil filter replacement on time, or whether to tighten the screws, which are easily overlooked place.

The second Is tire maintenance, tire maintenance Is also required, it Is a great pity, even veteran drivers often ignore thIs Issue because tire direct contact with the ground, so the degree of wear Is very large, flat tire once great harm, so regular tire maintenance Is also necessary.

The third Is to clean the surface of the Car. There are some old habitual drivers Car wash, it would have been understandable, even encouraged, but there are some drivers approach does not desirable, Will use some chemicals, such as soap and water to clean the Car surface, it would seal the surface of the Car Glaze waxing subject to different degrees of damage, the money wasted, indeed desirable, to pay special attention.

of the spark plug 4 Is replaced. The spark plug Is actually a very small parts, but from the importance Is indeed essential, because it directly affects our ability to properly start the Car, but when dIsmantling the installation must be Careful not to have mIssed, be sure to tighten the screws .