Do not think that car maintenance Is to change the oil, in fact, it Is not as simple as you think

Do not think that Car maintenance Is to change the oil, in fact, Is not as simple as you think

Now the Car in our lives more and more popular, and many of my friends are out to their actual need to buy their own private Car, and you go out often can not do without a Car, we also know that the Car has become one of the most important means of transport in life, so we usually drove the addition outside also should pay attention to the maintenance of the Car, otherwIse we might appear to be anchored to delay our things in the Car when. But a talking Car maintenance, many of my friends first reaction Is to change the oil, or even a majority of owners feel that Car maintenance Is to change the oil, in fact, vehicle maintenance Is not as easy as you think, he Is also behind the complex and contains a huge system.

First, we all know that, if well maintained Car, then it can extend cooperation between its life, as well as some parts if the Car does not focus on maintenance only know to use, then it might lead to various parts of the Car particularly serious wear and tear, or even scrapped in advance, so we really do not know just change the oil in the Car maintenance when thIs Is the case for other Auto parts Is simply dIsaster, because we know the Car’s engine Is important, but the brake system and suspension components are one of the Big Three Car, with our security are closely related, so these places have regular maintenance can.

For example, to know that our engine Is the most sophIsticated Car a top parts, in addition to an oil change, we have to consider changing the oil and oil time quality, but also inside the engine catalytic converters and oxygen sensors and so on, we have to regularly clean the air filter and engine deposits, which are affecting our use of Car fuel consumption and service life of these big Issues.

and in addition to the engine, gearbox Car we also need to focus on maintenance, especially now that most Cars are Automatic Car transmIssion, relatively on the important road safety of each of our drivers to turn off, and also inside the gearbox with lubricating oil, oil change from time to time if we are, then it may cause the transmIssion to mentionBefore retirement, so it Will affect our driving safety. It Will also affect the normal use of our Car. A

In addition to these, the most important thing Is our Car’s braking system, to know that our Car brakes also in the process of driving we came to a stop the main force, if problems arIse, then brakes, it Is likely that our high-speed Mercedes-Benz situation simply can not stop, the consequences are very serious, and the Car’s brakes Is loss of parts, so we can not only do not know in other words, we need to focus on the use of Automobile brake pads and brake dIsc wear must be replaced too serious, or else to brake failure when no joke.