Do not over car maintenance, but must be comprehensive, but also pay attention to tire maintenance

on the Issue of buying a Car now, you have a lot of riders topic to talk about, but in addition to a topic, many owners are not able to figure out that Car maintenance, there are a lot of Car owners excessive maintenance problems, and not only that, many owners not only have some of the problem of excessive Car maintenance projects, but also not able to fully Automotive maintenance, often ignore the small details.

Let me cite one simple example, if not a flat tire, you Will take into account the need to replace a new tire it? I am afraid that many owners Will have a negative answer, because we often use Car tires, but few people can see it, because it Is out of the Car, in direct contact with the ground, we rarely notice thIs corner.

But it Is undeniable, among the many Auto parts, Car tire has a very important position, if the Car tire problems, and even sudden process in which high speed hair condition, we Will have very serious consequences. And more crucially, many owners even frequent oil changes, but had never taken the initiative to replace Car tires, which was horrible.

and as Car oil, Automobile tires Is a certain service life, and rubber vehicle tires are, in general, 5-6 years you need for a a tire, if the traffic Is more complex or often pass some roads particularly rough and rugged place, Will greatly reduce the life of Automobile tires need to be replaced in advance.

In these circumstances then, the life of the tire rubber may be reduced to about 4 years, relatively speaking, thIs Is a relatively long maintenance cycle, so the owners need to pay attention to, before each Car be sure to check the good condition of the tires, try to ensure that the tires in good condition, but also be prepared.