Do not let the pit 4S shop, car maintenance what to change, what needs to be done maintenance


Car Care For what? What to do maintenance?

The basic Car for one year, or about 100 million kilometers traveled Will be a small maintenance, and generally do little maintenance Is to replace the Automobile engine oil and replace Automotive engine oil filter, air filter Will need together also changed. Great Care with respect to the small maintenance need to be the case of Automobile parts required for replacement. The following time and we talk about parts and Car maintenance in general needs to be replaced.


Automotive engine oil refers to an Automobile engine oil, engine oil lubricates the internal parts, cleaning the engine compartment, reducing engine wear some functions such as, oil use for a long time, Will have excessive impurities, becomes cloudy. Automotive engine oils use a few kilometers long and use, if it Is expired Automobile engine oil Will not be able to play the best protective effect.

The oil filter

Automotive oil filter effector it Is to clean Car oil, so oil becomes less cloudy, the operation of the engine Will produce impurities, glue impurity effect of the engine oil Will be poor, so it Is necessary to help clean the oil filter out impurities in the oil so that the oil can better protect the engine and reduce engine wear and tear role.

Air Filter

Function Car air filter Is to air entering the engine to filtered again, so that the air entering the engine as much as possible to keep clean. If the place Is not often drive by Car or dust Is not particularly large in the next two years, the situation does not change all right. Car air filters are generally not expensive, the price Is probably around 30 dollars you can buy, so many owners generally classify it into a small maintenance to go inside.

air filter

air filter Cartridge Is steam conditioned air, all the air out of the Car outlet through the air filter Will purification. Car air filter with air filter of the role of the Car Is quite similar, except that a filter air entering the engine, a filter into the air inside the cabin. Car air filter about 5,000 kilometers -10 000 kilometers Clean or replace, replace the main conditions need to look at the usual frequency of the Car and the Car environment Is determined.

fuel filter

Automotive fuel filter main role Is keep the Car clean and extent of gasoline, gasoline into the engine in Isolation of impurities. And other filter, as with a long time also need to be replaced, the replacement time depends on how the quality of gasoline usually used, generally replaced every 15,000 kilometers on it.

The spark plug

Is a high voltage spark plug for Automobiles introduced into the engine combustion chamber to ignite the gas engine cylinder, let the Car start and operate normally. Automobile spark plugs long working hours, there Will be degraded, so that the ignition loss of function or reduce the frequency, jitter and cause the engine to accelerate difficulties. Ordinary Automobile spark plugs generally 30,000 km need to be replaced once a little better platinum spark plugs replaced once in about 50,000 km.

Other oil

Cars and transmIssion oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, antifreeze long time when these four liquids go to replace, do not need to be changed frequently, usually 2-3 times in major maintenance to replace it. Maintenance usually do not have time to check the result of high temperatures evaporate, add the appropriate amount on it.


as the Car frequently used means of transport, multi-point effort spent on maintenance, let the Car to maintain good performance. Better maintenance of Cars in the used Car market hedge ratio Will be higher Oh.

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