Do not ignore tire maintenance! Do these points, more durable tires!

tire Is one of the most important parts of the Car, Careful maintenance to extend the useful life of tires, to reduce the cost of keeping a Car and drive safely Is important. Then the correct tire maintenance, need to do the following:

(1) to maintain the correct tire pressure Is to reduce tire wear and eliminate rIsks, extend the life of the important measures.

Therefore, when routine maintenance tire, check the tire pressure must focus, too low Is not good. No matter what the season, both old and new tire manufacturers must be specified in accordance with standard inflation. Look with your eyes or beating sound of the tire to determine the tire pressure Will be a great error. Therefore, the best preparation in the Car tire pressure gauge, measuring at least once a month, but it must be measured when the tire Is cool.

(2) check the tire pressure regularly

In the absence of the tire pressure gauge, the easy way to check the tire pressure Is stood body side, were observed before and after the ground area of ​​the tire from the wheel front and rear portions raIsed see sidewall deformation Is normal.

Is on the outside of the tire may crouch down to see the size of the area of ​​the tread in contact with the ground, and compared with other tire by the same method, to determine whether the tire pressure Is normal. If little deformed sidewall or tread contacts the ground Is small then the tire pressure Is too high; if excessive sidewall ridges, the ground contact area Is too large then the tire pressure Is too low, the normal pattern to a pressure of 3-4 touchdown. When the tire pressure Is very low, then we still insIst on driving, tires Will seriously dIstorted, leading to tire quickly scrapped.

(3) Regular maintenance of the tire, the tire comprehensive inspection and replacement

If the wheel tread wear serious, all replaced with a new tire, at least to replace the two front wheels, the fineness slightly better tire mounted on the other wheel, steering and safety as related to the performance of the vehicle.

(4) Always check tire wear

when abnormal tire wear, should be timely to do fourWheel-! And Carefully cut to check whether there Is a tire, and stabbed drum kit, especially thin sidewalls, Will become the future safety problems, found that the above phenomenon of the tire, the tire must be immediately repaired or replaced spare tire.