Do not be fooled 4S stores, car maintenance schedule right here!

As an owner, surely we have been reminded to do maintenance 4S shop. Sometimes obviously Care a few kilometers and time have not yet, 4S stores Will recommend early maintenance. Especially luxury brands, always said that as soon as the maintenance of the engine for good.

Some readers have commented on, bought the BMW 3 Series within six one thousand kilometers, 4S shop Paul says that he can do the first. Although the first insurance Is free, but the maintenance manual Is clearly written 10,000 km maintenance, asked thIs thing fly it?

of course, the answer cylinder brother do not fly as long as it Is a ~ normal use, there Is no need maintenance in advance. 4S shop so eager to call you, you want nothing more than early Care, well shorten maintenance intervals, just to make more money. A similar problem like thIs, there are a lot of people have asked cylinder brother. So cylinder brother thIs time to tell you what Is proper maintenance schedule. for the first time maintenance

a different Car, a few kilometers the first insurance Is not the same. In general, such as luxury brands are 10,000 km maintenance time, such as Mercedes, BMW and the like. If an ordinary brand, we recommend you consider doing general maintenance around 5000 km of. On time, we recommend the cylinder brother Is more than six months can be considered maintenance, whether or not the luxury brands are the same. Because the run-in period within six months you definitely had lost, anyway have to go 4S shop to check. Oil replacement

Oil can said to be the largest maintenance projects, general maintenance Is also to look at the number of kilometers of oil. Fully synthetic motor oil or synthetic oil esterification better, usually about 10,000 km maintenance time. Unless you think the last two one thousand kilometers of power attenuation can not accept that maintenance can be 8000 kilometers. Semi-synthetic and mineral oils are generally 5000 km maintenance, there Is no need shorter. Another way, the general family Cars recommended by the manufacturers of semi-synthetic on it. Unless you want a better point of dynamic performance, better use of oil Is possible, the next oil change can also change according to 10,000 km. Cars four filter

In general we are three filter maintenance, in fact, in addition to the air filter, air filters, oil filters, as well as a fuel filter. Are dIsposable fuel filter Is not taken off from the tops of most engines paper filter, the filter effect Is between the gasoline tank to the engine combustion chamber. The maintenance cycle Is longer, generally 30,000 km maintenance can be. But many owners forget thIs, we have to wait until a serious power hysteresIs to remember.

nothing controversial oil filter, oil change Is recommended cylinder brother to change the oil filter. Whether it Is 5000 km or 10,000 km, after all, the oil filter on dozens of blocks. Air filter replacement cycle of about 10,000 or six months, usually one thousand kilometers 5 family Cars do not need to change. Cylinder brother also recommend you consider some of the specific cleaning fluid without high-flow air filter, spent 300 yuan can change once about 100,000 kilometers, but also improved slightly under power.

the rest Is air-conditioning filters, normally it Is generally replaced every 20,000 km. Brother cylinder Is recommended for once a season, because the filter Will filter impurities seasonal changes, it Is easy to produce odor. Second, the air filter in general also tens of dollars, mostly for once do not feel bad.

washing and waxing

a lot of people would say, look at the Car wash all dirty wash. Some lazy owners, often more than a month without washing. In fact, there Is a Car washing cycle, generally 3 to 4 weeks Is appropriate, alkaline cleaner can not be used when washing, it Will corrode the paint, but worth the candle. Car waxing, too, generally about four months Is appropriate, frequent waxing Will make the paint dry, fine lines.

brother summarized cylinder In addition to these regular maintenance items, such as spark plugs, in full accordance with the official maintenance transmIssion oil or the like Manual can be. Owners can use better material Care products, there Will be little improvement in the performance of the Car, but the prices are much more expensive. But remember not too early for maintenance, which Is totally kind of waste. If you have any other questions for the vehicles do not understand, you can also leave a message cylinder brother and then the next article.