Do not be 4S shop “Fudge”, thIs Is the best car maintenance schedule, fast collection bar

For every Car owners, then we bought a new Car are very happy, but we all know that after buying a new Car Is to regularly give our Automotive maintenance and repair, and then we after buying a new Car, 4s shop Is also very enthusiastic give us a call and let us do Care a little earlier, shorter maintenance intervals, so you can bring more convenience to us and the fact that the Car really Is so ? When we Carry out maintenance on the Car, in the end what Is the most appropriate time to maintain it? Do not be 4S shop “Fudge”, thIs Is the best Car maintenance schedule, fast collection bar.

a number of luxury Car brands, it Is recommended you 10,000 km maintenance once a common brand to recommend you 5000 km maintenance once in the time we exceed six months, then you can consider going maintenance, and thIs time no matter you are not a luxury brand of Car are the same.

oil can be said that the maintenance of a project up to it, but also look at a few kilometers maintenance of oil under normal circumstances. Full synthetic oil or a higher grade of full synthetic motor oil, under normal circumstances Is about 10,000 km maintenance time, if the last 2000 km of power attenuation can not accept it, then you can once be the most appropriate in the 8000 km maintenance . Semi-synthetic or mineral oil, generally 5,000 km maintenance time, usually family Cars used are semi-synthetic oil, if you are a little better dynamic performance, then you can use more oil a little better, but in maintenance when you can refer to 10,000 km.

In addition to oil, we also have to consider maintenance when the air filter, air filter, oil filter, and fuel filter clear device. In many of the engine fuel filter Is installed above the paper Cartridge type dIsposable non-washable, as a filtration tank of the combustion space of the engine, then its maintenance cycle Is also very long, generally 30,000 km maintenance time you can, do not be fooled 4s shop salesman, let us spend more money wasted.

then we change the oil when you can consider replacingOil filter, whether it Is 5000 km or 10,000 km thIs oil filter, its price Is very cheap, so thIs Is based on our own feelings to replace the air filter, the replacement cycle 10,000 km or about half a year, the average household type of Car Is 5,000 kilometers when there Is no need to be replaced. Under normal conditions cabin air filters are replaced every 20,000 km, of course, the Science and Technology Festival has a great relationship, because in the summer we use air-conditioning Is very frequent at thIs time of the filter Will filter some impurities, appear some odor, so at thIs time we have to be even more appropriate to replace some of the ground.

In addition to these Car Care items, such as some of the spark plug gearbox oil and the like, it Is also recommended that you follow the maintenance manual for maintenance and replacement it Is also our Car and the material has a great relationship, our Car’s performance there Will be some improvement, of course, price Is also very important, give us today to share here, it Is a lot like thIs article Watch me, I Will share knowledge and Cars different Car every day content.