Do not ask, do tire maintenance!

Now the family Car has become an indIspensable means of transport, the reason Why more and more families to buy a Car because they have their own Car makes for easy travel, but also to reduce their own waste time traveling on the road. The Car Is becoming increasingly important, the maintenance status of the Car began to rIse with it. As the vehicle tire of the Car, routine maintenance Is a top priority.

in the course of daily driving, be sure to let the tires to maintain a stable pressure. Tire pressure tire pressure Is too large or too small for the tire Will have different degrees of damage. Pressure Is too low Will cause resIstance to the Car increases, increased fuel consumption, tire friction with the ground increases, accelerated tire wear, but also easily lead to a puncture to drive safely. Pressure too high Will result in reduced grip performance of the tire, reduce the influence of friction braking effect, accelerated tire wear, tire pressure Is too high Will cause affect safe driving.

time to time to clean the tire. In the process of the Cars, the pattern portion to clamp the wheels inevitably stones, nails, gravel and other hard objects. Before then drive us to do Is to dIscover cleared up. Not cleared up could lead to deterioration of the drainage capacity of the tire, the vehicle through the water area prone to sliding, sharp objects punctured tire puncture Will lead to, at the same time a hard object may also fly splash injury to pedestrians. Timely check tire and tire cleaner foreign body in the process of tire maintenance Is very necessary!

at the time of tire maintenance must pay attention to the Issue of tire aging. Tire aging if not promptly treated can cause very serious accidents, so be sure to promptly replace the tire aging. In order to reduce the aging speed of the tire, so the daily parking process, try to stop in a cool place away from direct sunlight tire, but also try to avoid stopping at the local oil, sour, and hydroCarbons.

during the running of the routine to avoid uneven pavement. Uneven pavement, raIsed stones, and so Will the tires have a greater harm. The usual Car load should be within a reasonable range of tires, excessive load might cause irreversible damage to the tires, drive safely. Summer pavement temperatureVery high, so do not travel a long road in a high-temperature, high temperature for a long time in road travel Will accelerate the aging of the tire, the worst case may cause puncture lead to accidents.

also regularly exchange position of the tire in the daily maintenance time. Different focus tires of different positions, different position of the tire wear, frequent replacement of the tire can be made more uniform wear of the tire, it can increase the life of the tire, reduce the frequency of replacement tires.

said that one of the tires Is essential Automobile accessories, both new and old drivers, good tire maintenance Is a very necessary thing, tire problems must be resolved timely.