Do car maintenance work, only need to master four points, you have mastered it?

Cars in our lives gradually become a frequently used items. When we buy a Car, choose either fuel vehicles in the traditional sense or for Automotive use of new energy sources. We are enjoying the convenience brought by Car to us at the same time. You really understand the Car? You Will maintain Car? do you know? Maintenance of some errors may cause damage to our Cars.

1. The regular waxing

Many owners friends like waxing . They think thIs Is because the child can not only protect the surface of my Car Is not damaged vehicles also allow us to look more shiny. However, in addition to actually contain large quantities of basic substance. I selectively play different depending on the season and region, that Is the most correct. More rainy weather in the south, the frequency of use of waxing a little more than the north. Because there are a lot of things in corrosive acid rain. For owners northern friends who did not need regular waxing. I for some new Car, bought back in six months Is no need for waxing.

2. Various amounts of oil, the better

a large part of their friends like a variety of fill fluid within the vehicle. They believe that only the oil fill performance Will play out their own vehicles. But also to prevent their mIstakes and forget refuel unusable some of the features of the Car. But it Is not, so they took to add oil, we only need to follow the amount of demand on the vehicle maintenance manual have to add it.

3 Three filter replacement

mentioned here it refers to a three-filter oil filter, fuel filter, air filter. These filters are used for various vehicle systems impurities. Many people say, only the regular replacement of our various filters, so as to ensure the most outstanding performance of our Car. Owners friends in the 4s shop Will often require replacement of various filter, in fact, there Is no need, as long as we follow. Predetermined time to replace the filter specification it.In fact, under normal use, these filters Will not affect the performance of the Car.

4. Time washing

that the vehicle must be cleaned once a week. In fact, thIs also requires a combination of the actual situation of our lives it. If caught in a rainy weather, we need to wash the vehicle in a timely manner. Many owners friends have a mIsunderstanding that the rain Is naturally help us in the Car wash. Not the case, and now the rain has a lot of acidic substances Will cause some paint our Cars corrosive damage. So we need to access only after the vehicle timely cleaning. When I finIsh a long journey, especially stained with dirt on all kinds of vehicles we need for timely clean-up.