Do a car maintenance in the end how much money? 199 yuan can ease it?

Cars as part of our daily important means of transport, long-term use Will inevitably lead to a variety of problems, so that timely maintenance Is more important, then the question becomes, in the end to do a Car maintenance how much Is it? 199 yuan can ease it?

have expressed riders, 4S shop Is relatively more at ease, but the price Is more expensive; roadside shop actually very cheap Is not quality assured; and recently saw some light maintenance, worry-free stores and similar Cars of some third-party organizations such as small program launched a number of preferential maintenance experience packages and the like, the price Is indeed very attractive, fly it?

Usually a mineral oil can be changed every 5,000 km, synthetic oil can be extended to 7,500 km, synthetic oil can be replaced about 10,000 km. From the time of speaking, half are traveling less than 5,000 km by Car, six months after oil changes should also be considered.

vehicle maintenance are generally Carried out in accordance with mileage, seven support so-called third repair. Depending on the model and the use of oil, generally 5000–10000 km do a little maintenance, maintenance projects are oil, oil filter replacement, including work costs more than the price at about 200-1000 yuan, a number of luxury Cars naturally not in thIs range .

to a specific vehicle in case users do worry applet mall service, Zhengzhou Triangle Department of Motor Service Center provides round of 199 yuan maintenance packages, containing Mobil SN5W-40 4 liters of oil, oil filter and a maintenance man-hours fees. ThIs promotion Is undoubtedly User feedback Is more cost effective, third-party service providers as well as the strength of supervIsion, of course, Is no problem.

However, riders need to note that some of the service providers name Package coat maintenance process allows you to replace all unnecessary replacement of zero accessories and other bad behavior and the use of oil and other non-formal channels, thIs time must be decIsively rejected.

routine maintenance on a small Car, and what you want to say it? Welcome attention to let things worry-free riders benefit from the Car (and applets) New Media Message account comments and advice.