Daquan car maintenance, he can maintain these sites, do not be fooled 4S shop

REVIEW: With the improvement of people’s living standard, Car gradually integrated into people’s daily lives, people become the main means of transport travel. As the saying goes: three separate seven support Car, then, for the owners of the largest and most important Issue MO But for private Car maintenance. Some people think: Cars do not need to be too diligent maintenance, Car wash dirty places open to wash it. Some people argue that the Car must go to a regular maintenance 4S shop to be cleaned, it should in the end how to do it? They say the Car Is a man’s second wife, improper maintenance of Cars hurt the most, then the Car how to Care? How maintenance? These sites can maintain their own, do not be fooled 4S shop. Then stick with the small series can not be left behind Oh.

The first priority Is to oil (including oil, brake fluid, transmIssion fluid, power steering oil) following Xiaobian answer it. Oil service into mineral oil and synthetic oil, both of which are not the same Oh, mineral oil Is probably about 5,000 km maintenance time, while synthetic motor oil can be about 8000-1000 km maintenance time. Also small series to remind you of different brands of motor oil do not mix. Brake fluid replacement cycle Is longer, 40,000 km oil change Is necessary to pay attention and do not mix different brands, the best look for a brand long-term use. TransmIssion oil and power steering oil need a change at 60,000 km. Also do not lIsten to what 4S shop Fudge 3000 km maintenance once you do thIs to good engine.

Next brakes and a spark plug. Automobile brake pads Is very important if you regularly check the Car to change, it Is very dangerous, brakes usually 20,000 km check again, if you find brake pad thickness less than 6 mm, then it Is to remind you of the change, or else your driving safety Is no guarantee. Not the effect of the spark plug, spark plug brand by price divided into ordinary and high-end, also in the general life of ordinary spark plugs 30,000 kilometers of high-grade spark plugs 60,000 km Is not a problem, which was based on the needs of people to buy, However, small advice to buy high-end point, after all, change Is often a troublesome thing.

tire maintenance, tires and brakes are as important maintenance Car parts, critical moment help. OneCar tire maintenance period under normal driving circumstances like 6-80000 kilometers going to change a tire, except in exceptional circumstances, such as: Car tires cracks, bulges, cuts, please immediately replace the tire, do not hold still running for some time the chances. Remember life Is also hIs family. Another Is tire tread depth of less than 1.6 mm please replace immediately, at 1.6 mm tread depth limit which Is prescribed limit signs Automobile manufacturers.

battery maintenance can not be ignored, a Car battery Is very important, without it can not beat a good fire in the Car, the Car Will not start. Summer high temperatures, the battery should be regularly checked and replaced many owners ignore the summer to check the battery Car fire led to the phenomenon of frequent occurrence, because of low winter temperatures, the battery storage of electricity at all times less than any other, so there Will not be recharged into the battery electric battery starvation phenomenon occurs. Small advice not to long winter Car parked Cars should start on a regular basIs for some time, let the battery enrich my knowledge, not to that point in order to save money ruined oil battery, after a battery of very expensive.

Below small share which parts of the Car that they can maintain? In these parts of 4S shop to do worthwhile.

The first Is to replace the wiper. In fact, a very simple change wipers, a search of a large step to Baidu, wipers a treasure to buy cheaper than ten dollars, 100 dollars Will your point, if placed 4S shops charge you 500 dollars It Is regarded as a kind.

The second Is for the glass of water. Xiao Bian found that many people have another glass of water to the 4S shop, Xiao Bian said they did not know, money can be a rotary switch button bar. Step I Will not say, super-simple.

The third system Is clean air. ThIs Is also very simple, go on a treasure a few dollars to buy a watering can, add a little detergent, and then start the Car, spray a few, did not turn on the air conditioning system on thIs simple. Do you think how profound 4S shop ah?

The fourth Is for the Automobile lamp bulb. ThIs looks super high, in fact, very simple, Xiao Bian tried once, changing a light bulb with the family almost put the Car hood open, then you Will seeHeadlight behind a rotary switch knob, which opens directly to the lamp insert, attention Is not rotating ah, home and rotary feed somewhat different.

Comments: to maintain the relationship with thIs Car every owner driving safety, it we must not ignore. But they can not believe what 4S shop, we can maintain the site as much as possible-it-yourself maintenance, do not let the held the money be lost.

about it-yourself Car maintenance, do you have any good suggestions? Please leave a message in the comments area below. Thanks for reading, I wIsh you a happy life!