Daily car care and maintenance

With the improvement of living conditions, now more and more families become Car owners, how to how Automobile maintenance and service intervals confirmation, we become increasingly concerned about the problem.

Is performed from time to time to monitor tire pressure, tire pressure monitor, clearing debrIs on the tire, Carry out Car cleaning, cleaning and waxing, cleaning the tank exterior, engine oil radiator appearance of dirt, add washer fluid before the Car windshield. oil spills Check the chassIs, we found traces of oil spills, oil of each test gear assembly and appropriate supplements. patrol Car outside the overall situation, lamp shade appearance as well as whether there Is virtually scratch Car, side mirror checks and adjustments.

4. In a predetermined time to 4s maintenance shop, general 5000 km or six months a small insurance, 10,000 km great Barrier, no follow-up 5000 km maintenance time.

5. After the winter to start the Car, the engine warm-up first, and then the Cars, just started when the temperature of the engine’s reach, driving in thIs case, engine combustion Is not sufficient.

6 again to turn off after half a minute after the stop and the like, in a state of high-speed operation of the engine, the temperature Is relatively high, the engine Will stop life direct influence.

7. After the lamp on the vehicle instrument light, in time to the refueling stations, once the fuel tank Is too low it Will not cool the pump, the pump Will overheat easily damaged.

8. The tire around a tire replacement Is about 30,000 km, thIs can extend the life of the tire.

9. Brakes in time to 4s shop maintenance, check for wear and tear, wear occurs after the intakeRow periodic replacement. After the shift operation performed with

10. After the Car started, step on the accelerator not much large, slowly speed up the like.

11. The process of moving do not neutral gear to slip, it Will power shortage, inadequate combustion, that affect the life of the engine.