Correct tire maintenance Is very important!

1. Check the tire pressure must be checked once a month to ensure the normal tire pressure. Important factors

tire pressure Is affecting the life of the tire, the tire pressure must be checked when the tire Is cooled in the state, the standard tire pressure Is 2.2-2.6bar, summer try to make a little low tire pressure cold winters, try to ensure adequate tire pressure a little more than summer tires easily thermal expansion and contraction.

2. Check wear

individual vehicle Will “eat tires”, the wear indicator Is generally of the tire in the tire respective main drainage tank when the tire tread wear and wear to the flush tag, the tire must be replaced. After

3. The tire rotation time

Automotive steering wheel Is a front wheel, the wear Is relatively large, generally to reduce tire wear, vehicle first insurance , about once every 5,000 km replacement of four, it Is best to replace the diagonal.

4 The timing wheel alignment

When the deviation of the vehicle or other abnormality occurs steering, to promptly locate the tire, so as to avoid abnormal tire appears. .

5 tires shelf life

The shelf life of the tire rubber Is generally 4 – 5 years, tire rubber in the shelf life Will be accelerated aging leads tire performance.

6. The following situations may not be necessary to replace the tire puncture repair.

(1) of the tread and the staple pinned hole diameter greater than 6mm.

(2) normal tire leak pinned near zero tire pressure with a certain mileage.

(3) the shoulder or sidewall pinned, cracking or leakage.

(4) using the side reinforcing pinned art runflat tire pressure with low leakage certain mileage.