Complete replacement tire maintenance manual!


Hello everybody, welcome back It said Tuesday to speed, thIs Issue we chat maintenance of tires!

to know that the maintenance of tires, first we have to know the parameters to see how the tires.

tire parameter

wide tire: tire size A7 example, 265 / 35R20

. meaning

265 where the tire width Is, by definition Is the width of the tire cross-section.

wider In fact, the lager the tire contact area of ​​the tire with the ground, and in the case of the tire using the same model, the stronger grip Will matter of course, the acceleration with the braking performance Will be better.

and narrow tire grip Will naturally lead to relatively weak, so the brakes with accelerated performance naturally not so good.

then someone Will ask, Why do not all Cars with wide tires it? Very simple, it depends on the Car’s attributes.

a Car to buy food, fuel would have been only the pursuit of peace of mind, if such a wide tire Will naturally increase fuel consumption.

and sports Cars, of course, for sports, so be sure to use wide tires, in order to exploit the performance of the vehicle out.

flatness ratio:

The second digit 35 Is that it Is flatter than it.

divided by high flatness ratio Is equal to the tread tire width, in general, the larger the number, the thicker the tread it, the smaller the number, the greater the eggshell. Of course, thIs Is not absolute, because it Is only a proportion of the thickness of the tire have to see specific data.

High tire tread width X flatness ratio =

To compare the two CarsTire who Is thicker than the flat look Is not enough, have higher calculated final tire.

In general, the thicker the tread, the more comfortable orientation for models, because the thickness Is large, the filter Will be better performance of the vibration; does not look good, but the biggest drawback Is

of the eggshell, it Is more suitable for sports oriented models, supporting the vehicle Will be better road feel Is more obvious, but the dIsadvantage Is easy to cause deformation of the hub, after the buffer becomes not enough.

hub size

R20, R represents the tire by way of a radial prepared to manufacture, all current tires basically using thIs method. 20 represents the application of thIs tire wheel 20 inches, generally speaking, the larger the hub Will cause the thinner the thickness of the tire, but it generally only.

tire replacement:

There are several considerations to replace the tire.

1. In other preferably before the tire to replace the same set, that Is to say for example you want to change the left front wheel, the right front wheel Is preferably also changed, because it Is not different sides Will lead to the emergence of new and used, because of friction.

2. In addition to modification, or do not easily change a tire different wheel diameter, because the trip computer tire sensors do not update your data, then there Will be not allowed speedometer, fuel consumption Is even allowed to ESP failure of the case, so there Will be a security rIsk a.

In general, the tires are 4–5 years or 6-8 ten thousand kilometers for once, whichever occurs first. However, if you are a driver who often intense, it must often change a tire, such as Jacky, hIs tires ten thousand kilometers on the change, so we must always view the tire situation.

In fact, many people have not changed in the Car scrap tires, which Is very unhealthy, remember the date of manufacture of the tire, the replacement time.

represents the factory first two weeks


represents the factory two years

but also to always pay attention to tire wear when the indication bit, indicating the general level height Is 1.6mm, if the bit pattern and instructions Qi flat, or almost to, you have to want to change! OtherwIse rIsky!

And if you have to replace it with cracked side of the tire, tire repair more than three times should enchant, tire bulge must change to remember!

routine maintenance:

tire of routine maintenance Is very simple, mainly to see two places:

tire pressure value, there would have been if the Car Is equipped with tire pressure monitoring, then look at each time before driving, safety and security of travel. If you had not, you can buy a small air gauge put on board a week check again on the same subject, the standard tire pressure to see the owner’s manual, do not ask where I go to read.

Check the tire tread, before driving the almost Kanji Yan, including the degree of difficulty, for cracks, whether there Is jammed.

If a foreign object stuck best to clean up a little bit, of course, Is not small, large stones of what Is necessary to clean up a little, so as not to burst tire thing.

Well, so much for being just like you, oh remember to change the tire balancing to do, do not save money ah! Goodnight everybody! I wIsh you safely drive a Car!