Cars to 60,000 km maintenance to do what? Recommend to understand, to avoid being “pit”

Today, an increasing number of Cars, even in 2019 U.S.’s Auto market downturn, U.S.’s Car ownership Is still 324 million, almost every household has its own small Car, but the Car Is, after all, before the formation of the various parts complement each other in our daily driving, Auto parts Will inevitably be losses, so that there Is a “vehicle maintenance.”

a small Car want it small problems, driving peace of mind, we need to love on a regular basIs performed hour Car maintenance, in general, major maintenance and vehicle maintenance Is divided into small maintenance, a lot of newcomers and old drivers are to Carry out maintenance to the Car in accordance with the requirements of the Automotive manual, usually traveling about 7000 km to Carry out major maintenance during maintenance, traveling 14,000 kilometers, then when the Car traveling 60,000 kilometers to which maintenance when to do it? Repairman: ThIs Is very different from ordinary maintenance, it Is recommended to know in advance, to avoid being “pit”!

First keep small maintenance as to touch the Car routine maintenance. Routine maintenance in general including the replacement of three cores (oil filter, air filter and air filter) and change the oil, but to replace the three core according to the circumstances, if the blockage Is not serious there Will be no replacement necessary, but oil replacement on to be more Careful. There may be added to the 60,000 kilometers before a relatively low vIscosity oil, but for the replacement of oil must choose a high vIscosity oil, after all engines operating a 60,000 km, it Is recommended to use engine oil 0W-40, and so on protect the engine better!

to travel 60,000 kilometers, gear oils and other fluids must be replaced. First Is to replace the transmIssion fluid, we all know that Is a very sophIsticated gearbox parts, techniques contained very high amounts, the general Auto repair shop Is not that technical repairs, while the corresponding 4S shop Will be on the transmIssion Is very familiar with, so that the best Is to 4S shop to replace. As for the cooling fluid, power steering oil and antifreeze and other fluids, you want to pay less, you can go to some garageReplace the shop, but it Is worth reminding that, for direct injection engines, to travel 60,000 kilometers, must plot a lot of Carbon, so do not forget to clean Carbon!

traveling to 60,000 km, conservation brake system without delay. Driving friends all know the importance of the brakes, you can save your life at the crucial moment, the Car traveled 60,000 kilometers, loss of brake pads, brake dIscs and brake fluid are certainly a lot, so that for safety must be replaced. In addition, the corresponding Automobile tires also need to be replaced, the life of the tire Is generally four years or 60,000 kilometers, but also belongs to the rubber product, often exposed to the elements, and that wear and tear Is inevitable, so the tires need to be replaced .

In addition to the above oil and the need to replace parts, but also need to replace the throttle, the spark plug, the wiper blade , the whole Car seals, etc., in addition to four-wheel drive, you also need to replace the differential, differential oil but generally do not need to be replaced. In short, vehicle maintenance for the overall performance of the Car plays a key role, especially after traveling 60,000 kilometers, and if she does not know how to maintain, the easiest way Is to see the Car manual!