Cars require scheduled maintenance, then the tire, you know how to maintain it?

Today, as part of our daily lives Car essential means of transport, to our lives has brought great convenience. But after using the Car for some time and mileage needs to do maintenance, tires as one of the most important parts of the vehicle, also has its time and mileage life. Proper use and maintenance to extend tire mileage and reduce the cost of keeping a Car have a very important significance, what about those things tire maintenance you know how much?

First, check the tire pressure regularly and maintain proper tire pressure, tire routine maintenance which Is the most important project, the tire pressure Is too high or too low Will not work. With usually vIsually or percussion sound emitted judges the tire air pressure Is not accurate, especially relatively low aspect ratio tires especially. So the best way Is measured by air gauge. Many people know that the tire pressure Is too high may lead to a puncture, but in fact the tire pressure Is too low the tire Is more bad. Because the tire pressure Is too low, the tires Will squeeze deformation when driving, which increases tire wear, while the probability of a puncture and fuel consumption Will increase, and so on. A tire pressure monitoring Is recommended two weeks, especially on high-speed should check before.

Secondly, always check the wear of the tire, in addition to checking whether the tire tread wear and damage reaches the limit, bulge, presence or absence of the foreign body snaps into the tread grooves outside, etc., should also pay attention to whether or abnormal wear pattern uneven situation, usually found abnormal wear pattern thIs time needs to be done about wheel alignment. Here also it should be mentioned that a point Is, be Careful not to neglect the inside of the tire check, can not see where you can hand to touch it, remember that if you want to feel abnormal tire removed Carefully examined.

again, the tires regularly transposition problems. Now ordinary household Is generally front-drive Car. The front wheels are driving wheels, it Is also responsible for steering, so tire wear Is generally about 20% higher than the rear wheel. So the tires regularly transposition allows each tire uniform wear and extend tire life, especially for the high frequency of use of the vehicle, thIs Is a very economical choice. Typically the tire rotation with a “transposition”, “parallel transposition”, “transposition cycle”, but can not decide shot forehead,Specific needs to choose according to their own vehicle user’s manual.

Finally, the traffic on the way exceptions. If you feel abnormal noIse during running of the tire, the vehicle fatigue, jitter, or the vehicle body tilt pungent smell of rubber, etc., the inspection must be timely secure parking. These abnormal tire may be a foreign body penetration, lack of gas, breakage of the tire or a screw loosening phenomenon, the call Is then the best rescue or replace the spare tire.

Is about more than these brief introduction of tire maintenance, we are aware of it