Car well maintained, ten years could save car


we all know that the Car needs regular maintenance and inspection, if you do not pay attention unexpected vehicle inspection and maintenance Is worth the candle.

1, we have to how often to check or replace Car parts

(1) tire

replacement period: 5 years / 50,000 to 80,000 kilometers


tires generally have a five-year period.

(2) Battery

Replacement: 2–3 years / 60,000 km [123 under]

normally, the battery can be used around the original 3 years or 60,000 km.

(3) The spark plug

Replacement: Copper Miles 2-3

5-6 miles platinum core

iridium core about 10 miles

recommend cleaned once every six months, depending on the replacement cycle different materials may be

(4) brake pads

replacement: 30,000 km

In general, preferred replaced every 30,000 km. .

(5) the wiper blade

Replacement: Year 1

wiper typically requires one-year change.

(6) Fuel Filter

replacement cycle: 10,000 kilometers

2, Car inspection Is to check what matters

[123? ]

(1) Regular wheel alignment

Cars run more kilometers, sometimes wandering phenomenon, easily buried rIsks. At thIs point in time to the vehicle wheel alignment, Car and quickly solve deviation problems.

(2) periodic testing brakes

regularly check the wear of brake pads and clutch plates and the like, when the Car running on the road, brake pads and clutch plates have been worn to a certain extent to be replaced, otherwIse there Is a big security rIsk, therefore, in accordance with the instructions of the vehicle, up to a certain number of kilometers necessary to check the brake pads and wear of the clutch plate.

(3) timely cleaning Cars

normally run or stop the vehicle when the road, the Car easily stained dust particles, such as bird droppings, especially after rain, a long time inside the acid Will corrode the surface of Car paint, thIs situation Will result in the Car no longer bright, serious may appear fade phenomenon.

(4) usually should be checked in replacement of Automobiles oil

Automotive engine and other components of the normal operation can not do without open oil lubrication, cleaning and so on. Therefore, it Is timely to check the oil gauge to see if the oil Is normal.

3. Summary:

Little America here remind owners, Car maintenance and inspection Is the most want to check properly, you can reduce the number of generated traffic accident, it may also increase the life of the Car used.