Car use more than 30,000 kilometers, the five best car maintenance have to do something

in the use of the Car, the Car maintenance Is certainly can not avoid. For regular Car maintenance, on the one hand can timely recovery for each Car consumable components to ensure normal operation of the various components, but also ensures that the process of driving safety to avoid accidents in the Car driving course, but also can increase the Car’s use of time, increase the useful life of the vehicle. Usually for traveling over 30,000 kilometers of Car maintenance the following five aspects of one less. Car use more than 30,000 kilometers, the five best Car maintenance have done it.

First, for the various Automotive lubricants to be replaced promptly. All kinds of lubricating oil on the Car to ensure the normal operation of Automotive components, while also providing some protection for high speed parts, enhance sports performance vehicles. However, if the lubricant for a long time not to be replaced, which absorbed a variety of impurities and deterioration of lubricating oil itself Will cause some impact on the operation of the Car, Is not conducive to running a Car, it Is more than 30,000 km maintenance of lubricating oil It must be Carried out.

Second, for the Car tires to be replaced. For Car tires, the Car also wear more serious parts. Due to bear the weight of the body, but also on different road friction, adhesion of the tire itself and reduce the aging of rubber Will increase the rIsk of Car driving course, cause problems for traffic safety. Therefore, after traveling 30,000 kilometers Will inspect the tires for wear serious change in time.

Third, for the Car to clean up Carbon deposits in a timely manner. In some engine operating state, so that the fuel Is not burned sufficiently, it Will cause too much fuel remains in the form of Carbon deposits in the engine, affecting the performance of the engine, not a long time to clean up Carbon deposits Will not cause engine performance play, increase in fuel consumption, and therefore 30,000 km promptly clean up Carbon deposits Is also very important.

Fourth, the spark plug should be promptly replaced. Plug of the engine, for starting the engine plays a direct role in the quality of the spark plug, but also directly affect the efficiency of the engine ignition, used in the actualAlso need to be replaced after 30,000 kilometers ran.

Fifth, the timing belt should be replaced promptly. For the engine, the timing belt has a very important role, but with the growth of dIstance traveled, the belt Will be very severe wear after more than 50,000 kilometers, have a huge impact on the normal operation of the engine. Therefore, it ran 30,000 kilometers Is necessary for timing belt inspection and maintenance, damage if timely maintenance.

lIsted above are in the Car ran 30,000 kilometers sure to Carry out maintenance of the project, also hoped that they would be able to provide some reference to our readers in their daily to have an outline when maintenance vehicles. Meanwhile, after the above items for maintenance should conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of other important parts, so that the whole Car Is very healthy.