Car to do maintenance, we do not stare at next? Old drivers tell their own secrets

bought after the Car most certainly do Care, and in to the 4S shop for maintenance, we can choose in the lounge, you can also choose alone in the shop, staring at the maintenance of the master to be replaced maintenance, then what Is it better to do so? Car to do maintenance, we do not stare at next? Old drivers tell their own secrets

In general, all the 4S shop owners Will be prohibited to enter the repair shop, 4S shop with a repair shop because the view Is being work operations. Many devices also running, so insecure, there Is a big security rIsk. In order to protect the safety of the owner, Will allow owners to the lounge to wait. If you do not stare, maintenance workers might give you half an hour to finIsh the entire maintenance process. But if you full supervIsion, you Will find that it takes time maintenance supervIsor may not be more than twice as many than you! Some like it hot because in your eyes, he must check Carefully for each one of the screws Will be!

and some of the air conditioning filter inspection and maintenance of wearing parts, we need to know that the maintenance staff Is not going to save you money. If you’re not around, just check him, he Will give you the change. If you’re in the vicinity, you can observe it yourself, and then decide whether it needs to be replaced. Sometimes, only need to pump the air filter can be blown clean use. There are some internal projects, not on the scene simply do not see Is not repaired. Such as cleaning oil, throttle, these Carbon deposits.

Many staff professional conduct does not work, do not put the old engine oil when customers change the oil and clean the new oil Will increase, so there Will be some new the remaining oil, thIs time they can deduct the remaining oil down resold, you see a lot of original oil on the outside, all of thIs. Some staff time to replace the oil, not the old oil, put a clean new oil on the increase, thIs Will save some of the new engine oil changed hands sold for cash.

there are a lot of 4S would recommend even forced consumers mileage and maintenance cycle, the store recommended, or mandatory maintenance cycle usually mileage than the maintenance manual cycles on much shorter, 10,000 km maintenance time, become 5000km maintenance time, thIs situation Is very common. If you take the Car to the 4S shop maintenance, then try not to choose those original oil, because there are a lot of 4S shop Is the quality of those original oil OEM canned Is not particularly good, if the 4S shop allows consumers to bring their own good oil change, then it Is no better, but thIs situation can only say that can not be met. Many Auto shops offer almost every brand of oil just outside the original oil prices more than doubled their own buy expensive, but the quality Is guaranteed.

have not harm the heart, preventing people can not do without. If she was more Care of their Cars, 4S shop and workshop allowed to enter, then we might as well go along and see the workshop, in fact, most of the 4S shop owners Will not be so hurt, but the owners worry Is not without reason. Repair shop security rIsks do exIst, but I think if you can lounge next to the repair shop, maintenance work can be viewed directly, so perhaps avoid out of concern for many owners.