Car tires to such care, or spend every minute!

Car tires to such maintenance, or spend every minute!

In general normal use of the tire life Is 4–5 years, but many riders find that their Car tires to use about three years, has been badly worn tires , forced for a new tire! All changed four tires to spend thousands of pieces of it!

today we have to say something about how to Care how the Car tires, in order to extend the life of Automobile tires? You learned that tire maintenance sector of older drivers it!

a, Tire regular maintenance and maintenance

For most vehicles, Automobile manufacturers Will give a relatively standard tire pressure parameters, the parameters Will normally be attached to the cab door (near the B-pillar) inside of the frame, the cover plate or the tank, or the owner’s manual, with reference to direct.

Is too high or too low tire pressure, tire life Will be shortened.

If the tire pressure Is too low, resulting in easy deformation of the tire, both excessive deformation of the tire wall, leading to tread wear shoulders. And the temperature of the tire Is also easier to increase and reduce the life of the tire.

If the tire pressure Is too high, the tire ground contact area Is reduced, the pressure in the middle of the tread unit Is increased, increased wear of the crown center, and also reduce tire life and affect the comfort .

Second, the regular tire rotation and other Notes

Is one of the transposition extend tire life tips a regular tire, such as the model front wheel precursor Is subjected to 60% -70% of the braking force, compared to the rear wheels Is more prone to wear.

regular tire rotation can wear four tires ensure consIstency. Recommended once every tire 8000-10000 km transposition.

before the parallelIsm of the rear axle, wheel alignment, the braking device working conditions and other chassIs parts are state of the art to varying degrees affect the life of the vehicle tire.

event of a serious traffic crashes occur, the owner of the vehicle be sure to open the chassIs to the professional repair station status checked and adjusted.

(3) good driving habits , ThIs Is directly related to the owner-related factors .

1. Avoid place to play the direction

direction place to play, which Is new to many Cars are fixed place to play direction habit, but the place to play not only the direction of tire wear, long-term damage Will be killed in one direction to help reverse the pump, it Will cause severe tire wear locally.

2. Avoid the curb, rub obstacle

Frequently the rub obstacle curb and parking Will cause serious damage to the tire. Including speaking in front of the steering wheel in place, the loss of the tire Is very large.

If the curb rub bulge occurs, there Is danger of puncture require replacement immediately.

3. Avoid a sudden rapid acceleration, sudden braking frequency, high-speed cornering

sudden acute acceleration, frequent emergency braking, high-speed cornering, the driving behavior in a test of tire grip while also accelerate the consumption of life of the tire.

do not learn to play racing drift, drift of the tire wear Is very powerful, they are the choice of racing tires, but after the game it Will be replaced with new tires.

reasonable and safe driving, tire protection, Is the correct mode of operation. Before

4. Develop the vehicle body around the circle to check the good habit

was observed around the Car tire pressureChanges, the way the stones embedded in the tread, the foreign matter digging.

if not removed, a long time, part of which Will come off their own, but a considerable portion of the Card Will be deeper into the tread, when the tire wear to a certain extent, these foreign materials may even pierce the Carcass, more serious cause a flat tire.

5. Check the tire tread, sidewall

use of leIsure time observation of the tire tread, sidewall whether drum kits, wear cracks, and check the tire tread edges, thIs Is an essential skill old drivers as they wear could become a security rIsk.

6. Try to avoid “bad” channel

such as gravel, washboard road, road with potholes rough asphalt, they treat the tire Is not friendly, if you accelerate through eloquent, increased wear and tear Is inevitable.

In thIs case remind the faithful Car: slow down! slower! A little slower!

learned more than three Car tire maintenance tips, you are the tire maintenance sector properly properly older drivers it!

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