Car tires maintenance of common sense

[master Car: Car knowledge] It Is understood that each year 46% of accidents are due to tire led to the accident, which accounted for 70% of the bust, how to avoid it such incidents, related to each owner of the Car habit, how do tire maintenance Is one of the owners of all the necessary knowledge, after all, closely linked with our lives.

First, the first point: often clear the debrIs tread

we drive every day when they Will be crushed roadside pressure over small stones, metal pieces and the like, and most of the foreign matter while rolling the wheels are attached to the majority of the wheel. If you do not clean up a long time, great damage to the tires, especially in high-speed driving, a foreign body Is likely to cause a puncture in the tread, that Is dangerous. Therefore, we must find pebbles with a key and so pull out, try to ensure that the tires clean.

Second point: Check the tire wear

The three small bump study called “Tread wear indicator “, tire wear Will achieve thIs raIsed at the need to replace the tires, new tires and used tires a lot of traction and grip difference, those who wear very powerful tire grip Is weak, prone to slipping . Therefore, the tire should be replaced according to wear.

The third point: the prevention of curbs and potholes

There are many Car owners prefer to park on the shoulder, but I do not know which makes the tires under severe compression, easily lead to the side of the tire cord rupture, resulting in tire bulge. In addition, pit road should also pay attention to avoid, because when the tires run over a pothole, the tire Will also be squeezed. The larger the holes, the higher the vehicle speed, the tire Is pressed by the greater intensity, so that the tire Will also bulge occurs, resulting in reduced tire life Is short.

The fourth point: Regularly check the tire pressure

tire pressure, tire life Is the most important factor, not too high or too low, according to the vehicle to inflate the tire pressure label. It should be noted that the tire pressureIt Will change with changes in temperature. Affected by thermal expansion and contraction, winter tire pressure Will be reduced, if not appropriately increase the tire pressure Will not only increase the Car’s fuel consumption, but also accelerate the wear of Car tires. Therefore, in winter tire pressure points can be appropriately increased, but controlled within a predetermined range. In the summer, higher temperatures, tire pressure Is too high Is likely to cause a puncture. Therefore, the summer tire pressure to be low.

Master Summary: the protection of Car tires, you also need to have a normal habits, good driving method, these are the places we usually need to pay attention , we should develop good driving habits. Single-minded drive, a man ER meaning.

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